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City Commissions

Residents are encouraged to participate on commissions for the City of Garden Grove. The commissions featured serve as advisors to the City Council on areas of substantive policy. Service on any of these commissions is both a privilege and a responsibility, which may involve a significant time commitment, and should not be undertaken lightly. The following is information about the City's commissions on which residents may serve.

Attendance and Compensation

Commissioners are expected to diligently attend and participate in all meetings of the commission. With the exception of the Housing Authority, all commissioners serve without compensation, on a volunteer basis.

Application Process

Anyone interested in applying for appointment to a board, commission or committee should file an application form, which is available in the City Clerk's Office in City Hall or on the City’s website. Applications are kept on file for one year, and may be considered for any vacancy or term expiration that occurs during that time.

The City of Garden Grove has boards and commissions as well as various ad-hoc committees, where community representatives serve as advisory groups and make recommendations to the City Council. These recommendations then become part of the decision-making process.

Garden Grove Commissions

Administrative Board of Appeals

This five-member board conducts hearings on the suitability of building and construction materials and is called upon to interpret building codes and ordinances. Members should be qualified regarding matters pertaining to building construction, fire protection and/or waterworks practices. Consideration is given to individuals who possess state licenses or certificates in engineering, construction or related professions or trades.

Neighborhood Improvement and Conservation

This seven-member commission recommends programs to improve and preserve neighborhoods through zoning enforcement, housing rehabilitation, street improvement and other programs. The commission also recommends projects to be funded by the federal Community Development Block Grant Program and oversees the program. Block Grant funds are designed to aid cities in renovating neighborhoods. The commission also hears protests of violations of City codes or ordinances pertaining to neighborhood improvements.

Main Street Commission

This seven-member commission operates the downtown parking district and oversees historical Main Street. The commission plans for future parking lots, monitors maintenance of existing lots, and prepares the budget for the parking district. The commission also reviews proposed building design and site plans for Main Street. The commission oversees Main Street maintenance and prepares the budget for the Main Street Assessment District. Six members of the commission must own or lease property or have a five-year lease on a business on Main Street. One commissioner is appointed at large.

Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission

This seven-member commission reviews and makes recommendations as to the status of parks and recreation programs offered by the City; reviews and considers existing and potential City arts programs and funding therefore; reviews and makes recommendations on capital improvement plans for park facilities; reviews and makes recommendations on proposed amendments to the General Plan Parks and recreation Element; reviews and makes recommendations as to other planning and zoning activities having relationship to parks, recreation, and arts programs.

Planning Commission

This seven-member commission meets twice monthly to study proposed development projects that may impact the community's growth and environment. The commission ensures that proposed developments meet the City's technical, environmental and aesthetic standards. The commission holds public hearings to check site plans to make sure they comply with City zoning regulations and the General plan for development.

Traffic Commission

This five-member commission reviews requests for traffic safety devices, signs and markings, investigates unsafe and/or malfunctioning traffic conditions and conducts public hearings on major street projects. The commission makes recommendations on traffic matters and assists in transportation planning.

Appointment to a Commission

The members of the various commissions are appointed, and may be removed, by the Mayor and the City Council, with each member appointing one commissioner for a five-member commission, and the Mayor appointing any members beyond the first five for larger commissions. Appointments are made in conformance with the California Government Code sections 54970 et seq.

On or before December 31 of each year, the City Clerk prepares an appointments list of all regular and ongoing boards, commission and committees. This list contains all the appointive terms that will expire in the next calendar year, along with the name of the current appointee, date of appointment and date of term expiration. Appointments for all full terms are generally made on the basis of this listing during December and January.

Whenever an unscheduled vacancy occurs (due to resignation, termination or death of a commissioner), a notice will be posted at City Hall and at the Community Meeting Center by the City Clerk indicating that there is an opening. There is a minimum ten working days waiting period after this posting to appoint a successor to fill out the unexpired term.

In order to be considered, please click on the link below to fill out an application form.


Submitted form will be sent to the City Clerk's office. If you have questions, please call (714) 741-5040.