City of Garden Grove residents and registered voters are encouraged to serve in a City Commission. The commissions featured serve as advisors to the City Council on areas of substantive policy. Service on any of these commissions is both a privilege and a responsibility, which may involve a significant time commitment, and should not be undertaken lightly.


Pursuant to Government Code Section 40605 the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, shall make all appointments to boards, commissions, and committees unless otherwise specifically provided by statute.
On or before December 31st of each year, the City Clerk shall prepare a local appointments list for all regular and ongoing boards, commissions, and committees.


Commissioners are expected to diligently attend and participate in all meetings of the commission. With the exception of the Housing Authority, all commissioners serve without compensation, on a volunteer basis.


Anyone interested in applying for appointment to a board, commission or committee should file an application form. Applications are kept on file for one year, and may be considered for any vacancy or term expiration that occurs during that time.

The following briefly describes the City’s six commissions

Administrative Board of Appeals (5 members) - Conducts hearings, on an on-call basis, on the suitability of building and construction materials; interprets building codes and ordinances.

Neighborhood Improvement and Conservation Commission (7 members) - Recommends programs to improve and preserve neighborhoods through zoning enforcement, housing rehabilitation, street improvement, Federal Block Grant funding, and other programs.

Main Street Commission (7 members) - Oversees historical Main Street. Six Commissioners must own or lease property on Main Street; the seventh member is appointed at-large.

Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission (7 members) - Reviews and makes recommendations on the status of City parks and recreation programs, capital improvement plans, proposed amendments to the General Plan Parks and Recreation Element, and existing and potential City arts programs.

Planning Commission (7 members) - Studies proposed development projects that may impact community’s growth and environment.

Traffic Commission (7 members) - Reviews requests for traffic safety devices, investigates unsafe and/or malfunctioning traffic conditions, conducts public hearings, and assists in transportation planning.


Staff Committee