The Neighborhood Improvement Division of the Community Development Department is committed to providing programs and services designed to improve Garden Grove neighborhoods. With support from the Neighborhood Improvement and Conservation Commission and federal funding from the Community Development Block Grant, Neighborhood Improvement offers a variety of tools you and your neighbors can use to improve your homes and neighborhoods.

2015-2020 Consolidated Plan and FY 2015-2016 Action Plan

The 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan and FY 2015-2016 Action Plan currently available for public review is a document that identifies and develops strategies to address critical housing and community development needs that can be addressed through federal funding sources, including Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnership Act, and Emergency Solutions Grants.

Homelessness Program

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program provides Garden Grove residents who are at risk of becoming homeless with temporary financial assistance to prevent them from becoming homeless, and also to provide residents who are homeless with housing relocation and stabilization services.

If you are interested in receiving homeless prevention or re-housing services, please contact one of these ESG Service Providers.

Emergency Solutions Grant funding applications are now available for service providers. Completed applications are due February 9, 2016. Please click here for the application.

First Time Homebuyers Program

The City of Garden Grove has placed the First Time Homebuyer on hold until further notice. When funds are available, Neighborhood Improvement has First Time Homebuyers Programs to assist low-income applicants to qualify to purchase their first home. The programs make available a limited number of silent second and third mortgages to help applicants with the money necessary to qualify to purchase a home in Garden Grove.

Read further information regarding the City's First Time Home Buyers Program.

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