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Closed CR-3702 02/22/18 Abandoned Furniture 12532 Blackthorn St

6 dinning room chairs. Have been left out for more than a week.

Closed CR-3701 02/22/18 Street Signs 10331 Stanford Ave

Second request the street signs on the corner of holly and Lesley street are facing the wrong direction holly is facing Lesley street and Lesley street is facing holly

Closed CR-3700 02/22/18 Street Signs 11962 Brookhurst St

There is a downed street light in the median on Brookhurst just north of Chapman. It has been there for weeks. The crew came out to pour the new foundation to replace and they left the broken up pole. Can this pole please be removed? Thank you.

Closed CR-3699 02/22/18 Street Signs 11611 Brookhurst St

The stop sign on EB Royal Palm at Brookhurst is extremely faded and needs to be replaced. The stop signs at Bart/Orangewood and Royal Palm/Gilbert need to be evaluated for replacement as well. Thank you.

Closed CR-3698 02/22/18 Abandoned Furniture 12748 Chapman Ave

Trash piled up in a tree well on south side of Chapman in front of park.

Closed CR-3696 02/21/18 Street Signs 12762 Downie Pl

No parking sign this track is worn out barely legible. Needs to be replaced. Corner of Lilly street &Downie Pl.

Closed CR-3695 02/21/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 8503 Acacia Ave

Shopping cart overflowing with trash/junk on the street in front of empty lot.

Closed CR-3694 02/20/18 Abandoned Furniture 11250 Dale St Apt 104

Mattresses and box springs abandoned by the crosswalk

Closed CR-3693 02/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13466 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on concrete guard rail & blockwall &traffic signal poles on corner of Lewis st. &Garden Grove Blvd.

In Progress CR-3692 02/20/18 Abandoned Furniture 13512 Garden Grove Blvd

Abandoned black couch corner of Lewis st. And Garden Grove Blvd.

Closed CR-3691 02/20/18 Abandoned Furniture 11250 Dale St Apt 104

There's 2 mattresses, a shopping cart & a box spring on the side of the street across from Rancho Alamitos High School. A car drove over one of the mattress, it's making the street unsafe.

Closed CR-3689 02/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13289 NEWLAND ST

couch dumped on corner of Newland and Central

Closed CR-3687 02/09/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12820 HARBOR BLVD

Graffiti and the back of the bus stop on the corner of Harbor Boulevard in Palm Street

Closed CR-3686 02/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13472 ROBERTA CIR

Graffiti on the sidewalk on the corner of Roberta Circle and Trask Avenue it’s on the Trask Avenue sidewalk. One Graffiti was removed but this one was left

Closed CR-3684 02/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13660 YOCKEY ST

Graffiti covering entire block wall.

Closed CR-3683 02/08/18 Abandoned Furniture 13289 NEWLAND ST

Abandoned couch

Closed CR-3682 02/07/18 Street Signs 12841 FLOWER ST

Street sign at holly and Lesley needs rrpair

Closed CR-3681 02/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12403 RANCHERO WAY

Graffiti on the no parking anytime sign eastside of street

Closed CR-3680 02/06/18 Traffic Signals 8899 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

"RED" light bulb on traffic signal needs maintenance. (1) The RED light on the pole of the traffic signal is not as bright as the other RED lights. (2) Sometimes that specific bulb will flicker faintly instead of a steady illumination.

Location is southwest corner of Magnolia and GG Blvd....

Closed CR-3679 02/06/18 Street Signs 10322 CHAPMAN AVE

Street sign has graffiti on it

Closed CR-3678 02/06/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12031 MORRIE LN

Costco shopping cart in the alley

Closed CR-3677 02/06/18 Abandoned Furniture 12031 MORRIE LN

Abandoned furniture in the alley on the left hand side

Closed CR-3676 02/05/18 Abandoned Furniture 10522 SCHOONER AVE

2 mattresses sitting on side walk in front of 10522 Schooner Ave. Have been sitting there for about a month.

Closed CR-3675 02/05/18 Environmental Services 13321 LILLY ST

Someone has a banded three sheets of glass about 3’ by 5’ foot. They are leaning up against the tree by the sidewalk this is very dangerous especially with the Amount of children that walk by here going to school. This should be picked up at soon as possible. Thank you

Closed CR-3674 02/05/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13472 ROBERTA CIR

There is graffiti on the sidewalk in two places the sidewalk is actually on Trask Avenue it’s on the corner Roberto circle and Trask Avenue

In Progress CR-3672 02/05/18 Potholes on a Public Street 8171 LARSON AVE

There is a lot of potholes in Larson Ave. please repair


Closed CR-3670 02/03/18 Park Maintenance 5452 CERULEAN AVE

The rubber playground floor needs attention. My toddler keeps tripping over these holes.

Closed CR-3669 02/02/18 Graffiti on Public Property 8342 CENTRAL AVE

On North side of street by and on ulility box and wall in 2 places

Closed CR-3668 02/02/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10902 STANFORD AVE

Graffiti on utility box at corner of Stanford and Elizabeth

In Progress CR-3667 02/01/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 6361 VANGUARD AVE

Gutter uprooted and does not drain properly causing water collection year round.

In Progress CR-3666 02/01/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12161 SAPPHIRE ST

Street asphalt at Laurelton Ave. and Sapphire St. deteriorating and may need to be re-paved.

Closed CR-3665 01/31/18 Abandoned Furniture 13302 VERDE ST

Abandoned couches on Verde where the alley starts.

Closed CR-3664 01/30/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13392 YOCKEY ST

the graffiti is on the wall of our neighbor. 13662 Yockey Street, Garden Grove.
every day there is more graffiti on the wall and around the corner. something needs to be done. all the neighbors have been complaining and its only getting worse every day.

Closed CR-3663 01/30/18 Trees on Public Property 12142 SAPPHIRE ST

Ivy along back wall blocking 1/2 of sidewalk along Springdale/Laurelton

Closed CR-3662 01/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13381 GREENTREE AVE

RED GRAFFITI on wall and private property located at 13341, 13371 and 13381 green tree. Incident happened at night on 1/27/2018. Also on curb at 13421.

PLEASE Remove . Thanks

Closed CR-3661 01/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 13071 LEWIS ST

Map pinned at 13071 but it's actually 13031 Lewis, west side of street two drawer night stand size furniture at the curb x 7 days. Across the street from that residence a 4'x4'x 2' wide dresser drawer and 6'x2' light weight cabinent

Closed CR-3660 01/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12612 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Graffiti on the electrical cabinet and the no parking anytime sign by the transmission shop on Grove Boulevard

Closed CR-3659 01/29/18 Street Signs 12532 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

The no parking anytime sign have a lost their color and may need to be replaced there’s also Graffiti On them. It is a problem this whole block

Closed CR-3658 01/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12471 RANCHERO WAY

Graffiti on the curb on the corner of Clinton Street and Ranchero way

Closed CR-3657 01/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12471 TRASK AVE

There’s graffiti on the sidewalk in front of this house in several places on the sidewalk. On the corner of Trask Avenue and Clinton StreetAcross from the high school

Closed CR-3656 01/29/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12781 OWEN ST

The black asphalt repair of the sidewalks is awful! It was better before it was repaired with the black. It makes the neighborhood look terrible. It needs to be removed and replaced with cement. JUST OFFENSIVE AND EYE SORE IN FRONT OF OUR HOME!!!

Closed CR-3655 01/28/18 Flood Control 7200 ACACIA AVE

Chainlink fence down near Calvery Chapel Church. Transients walking from Knott Ave. sidewalk to flood channel through hole in chainlink fence.

Closed CR-3654 01/28/18 Environmental Services 12998 KNOTT ST

Large amount of trash underneath 22 freeway around Knott Ave and Garden Grove Blvd intersection.

Closed CR-3653 01/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13521 FAIRVIEW ST

Graffiti on traffic signal pole southwest corner of Trask Ave And Fairview St. In front of 7-11

Closed CR-3652 01/27/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12609 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

The map shows 12609 but that is as close as I could get to- 12610 GARDEN GROVE Blvd
Potholes on a Public Street

Large pot hole eastbound just east of the crosswalk on garden grove blvd

Closed CR-3651 01/26/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12891 RANCHERO WAY

Graffiti on the Painted block wall in the alley by the storm drain

Closed CR-3650 01/26/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13300 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Graffiti on large green electrical cabinet west side of driveway

Closed CR-3649 01/26/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13466 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Abandon shopping cart southeast corner of Garden Grove Blvd. and Lewis St.

Closed CR-3648 01/25/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12767 EUCLID ST

The bus stop trash can is absolutely overflowing like no other bus stop I've ever seen. There's at least 2 times as much trash overflowing onto the sidewalk and bus stop then is in the actual trashcan itself.

Closed CR-3647 01/24/18 Traffic Signals 13502 HARBOR BLVD

To whom it may concern,
I have become aware of an issue concerning the left turn signal coming from Garden Grove Blvd. towards Westminster Blvd. I am constantly getting stuck at this light for a duration of 10 minutes to 20 minutes. After rush hour the sensor does not respond and thus the ligh...

Closed CR-3646 01/24/18 Street Signs 12472 HAGA ST

The street sign on Lampson and Haga Street is severely bent and the bolts holding together are very loose. It poses a safety hazard. Thanks for your time.

Closed CR-3645 01/23/18 Street Signs 6671 KILLARNEY AVE

No parking signs faded and may need to be replaced. On right shoulder of eastbound Lampson Ave. before Lamplighter St.

Closed CR-3644 01/23/18 Street Signs 6000 CHAPMAN AVE

Signs for Eastgate Park, right lane turns right only, and no parking are faded and hard to read. They may need to be replaced. Located on the Southeast corner of Valley View and Chapman.

Closed CR-3643 01/22/18 Water Wasting 13211 EUCLID ST

Pet Hotel on 13200 Euclid. Sprinklers are watering Euclid ave. every morning. I believe they have a 360 degree head instead of a 180 degree. I've called and left messages but the street is wet up to the median. A big waste of water.

Closed CR-3642 01/22/18 Traffic Signals 13510 HARBOR BLVD

Traffic signal going south on harbor turning east on to track is skipping during peak hours. 5-7 pm. Makes you wait 2 turns to go. Causing traffic to back up on harbor.

Closed CR-3641 01/22/18 Abandoned Furniture 8552 MAYS AVE

There is an abandoned chair on the side parkway of the house at 13702 Riata St, corner of Mays & Riata. The chair has been there for months. I don’t believe it belongs to the people at this address as it has become a dumping ground of late.

Closed CR-3639 01/22/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12922 PEARCE ST

This guy cut a new driveway in the front yard and Concreted over half his front yard for parking is this legal

Closed CR-3638 01/22/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12581 TRASK AVE

Graffiti on the block wall in front of the house on Trask Ave.

Closed CR-3637 01/21/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11501 BART DR

To the left of driveway, 11501 Bart Dr

Closed CR-3636 01/20/18 Environmental Services 12427 VALLEY VIEW ST

The Team Tackney real estate (Geoffrey and Jennifer Tackney and associates) are having excessive garage sales throughout the year causing our tranquil community of West Garden Grove to be turned into a circus for free advertisement for their real estate business. They place excessively huge bann...

Closed CR-3635 01/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10322 CHAPMAN AVE

Graffiti on the wall. It’s been 3 weeks

Closed CR-3633 01/19/18 Abandoned Furniture 8511 CHAPMAN AVE

There are always trash being dumped here in the alley way behind the business (Pro Automotive of GG; 8521 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841). I've repeatedly called trash remove service to pick up the trash but, it isn't helping because trash will be placed there again the very next day. I'm ...

Closed CR-3632 01/19/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10908 STANFORD AVE

Graffiti on utility box at corner of Stanford and Elizabeth.

Closed CR-3631 01/19/18 Trees on Public Property 6672 CERULEAN AVE

The tree at 6672 cerulean died with the drought . It has been root bound for many years.

Closed CR-3630 01/18/18 Traffic Signals 7993 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Traffic lights out at beach and garden grove blvd.

Closed CR-3629 01/18/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11200 STANFORD AVE

South-east side of library, Patio off Children's area; enclosed space, on stairwell step

Closed CR-3628 01/18/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11200 STANFORD AVE

Pond-side of library, on walkway SW side of building

Closed CR-3627 01/18/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11200 STANFORD AVE

Graffiti Tag - on stairwell railing at library's staff entrance

Closed CR-3626 01/18/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11200 STANFORD AVE

2nd floor, interior patio on piling

Closed CR-3625 01/18/18 Water 5422 SANTA CATALINA AVE

Shut off valve at water meter is leaking. The cover for the water meter is cracked.

In Progress CR-3624 01/17/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 11441 TOBIE ST

The guard rail at the end of the cul de sac is separating for the concrete, as well as, the pole separating from each other.

Closed CR-3623 01/17/18 Traffic Signals 12996 NEWHOPE ST

Once again, i am reporting for the 4th time the issue with the light on the left hand turn lanes on ggblvd turning onto Newhope. Here is the issue colon when you are turning left onto Newhope North from Garden Grove Boulevard eastbound, the opposing left hand turn lane gets a green but neither ...

Closed CR-3622 01/17/18 Potholes on a Public Street 4105 CHAPMAN AVE

Several potholes on both westbound and eastbound lanes in front of Christ Cathedral. So from 4315 Chapman Ave. to 4105 W. Chapman Ave. , Garden Grove, CA.

Closed CR-3621 01/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 9971 READING AVE

Graffiti on the block wall that separates the commercial area and houses

Closed CR-3620 01/13/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12610 GARDEN GROVE BLVD

Large pot hole eastbound just east of the crosswalk on garden grove blvd

Closed CR-3619 01/13/18 Potholes on a Public Street 13057 HARBOR BLVD

Large pot hole westbound in the intersection of Harbor and garden grove blvd

Closed CR-3616 01/12/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10446 BALLARD DR

Graffiti on sidewalk adjacent to 10446 Ballard Drive. Please power wash if possible, in the past, the sidewalk was painted to cover graffiti , visually looks terrible and not conforming to rest of sidewalk;
Thank you.

Closed CR-3615 01/11/18 Potholes on a Public Street 9442 MAYRENE DR

Councilmember Thu-Ha Nguyen requested that the potholes on south Gilbert between Mayrene and Stanford be filled as soon as possible. Apparently one pothole is particularly large after the rain. Thank you.

Closed CR-3614 01/11/18 Abandoned Furniture 12762 PEARCE ST

Mattress left at corner of Lilly and Pearce st. Along with bottle of something yellow. Been there for almost two weeks.

Closed CR-3612 01/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 12520 RANCHERO WAY

Abandon large couch in the street.

Closed CR-3611 01/10/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12581 TRASK AVE

Graffiti on block wall fence in front of the house. On Trask Ave.

Closed CR-3610 01/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 12151 ARKLEY DR

A very large TV with a cabinet has been sitting near the curb with a "free" sign attached to it for over a month. No one has come to take it away.

Closed CR-3609 01/10/18 Environmental Services 13461 WESTLAKE ST

i am a concerned home owner near to 13461 westlake st. i was talking to my neighbor about all the oil left behind from all the cars parking next to school and in front of our houses. she tells me they all live a couple doors down. I was confused being there are no apts on our block. she tells me...

Closed CR-3608 01/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 12662 DALE ST

Couch again :-(

Closed CR-3606 01/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 12641 DALE ST

Mattresses, dresser and shelving unit left outside of apartment complex for the past week

Closed CR-3603 01/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12472 RUSSELL CIR

Graffiti and the Painted block wall on the corner Russell Circle and Clinton st.

Closed CR-3601 01/06/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10770 KATELLA AVE

Obstructed sidewalk and damaged block wall across from gold crest mobile club. On Dino Circle south of Katella on the East side. Please repair and clean up.

Closed CR-3600 01/05/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12422 NUTWOOD ST

Shopping cart north bound Nutwood street next to curb.

Closed CR-3599 01/05/18 Traffic Signals 12900 VALLEY VIEW ST


Closed CR-3598 01/05/18 Abandoned Furniture 14451 WARD ST

is This is my second Request Toilet and Furniture in the alley way, current address 10711 hazard ave garden grove ca 92843

Closed CR-3597 01/05/18 Traffic Concerns 13242 BEACH TERRACE DR

If entering the 22 East from Beach Blvd, right after the Red" One vehicle per green" sign, on the right, homeless have been setting up camp there. Hard to see since traffic travels East here. First, there was 1 tent, now there are 3.

Closed CR-3596 01/04/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9742 GAMBLE AVE

Cart is on street between 9742 & 9732 Gamble

Closed CR-3595 01/04/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12252 LAMPLIGHTER ST

The gutter in front of my neighbors home is cracked and raised due to a large trees’ roots. Because of this, water remains in front of my residence and cannot drain properly. This leaves standing water in front of my residence for days at a time. My main concern is for mosquitos that could be ...

Closed CR-3594 01/04/18 Potholes on a Public Street 11502 DANIEL AVE

This is an ongoing problem. Right now there is a good size hole. When the rain comes its going to get worse. Also not good for the suspension on any car.
This is on Daniel south side of street where it meets 9th.

Closed CR-3593 01/04/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12672 GILBERT ST

There is a big Pothole on Southbound Gilbert Street between Lambert Cir. and Mayrene Ave.

Closed CR-3591 01/02/18 Traffic Concerns 11161 PALOMA AVE

This is a residential street with a speed limit of 25 miles per hour. The flow of traffic through this street has increased much that one thinks it is a main street. I understand that there is no control over that but there should be control over the speed in which cars are passing through this s...

Closed CR-3590 01/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 10172 TRASK AVE

Please remove the abandoned mattress on the curb.

Closed CR-3589 01/01/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11201 EUCLID ST

Graffitti on the southwest corner of Euclid and Palma Vista Ave. Please remove

Closed CR-3588 01/01/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10072 CROSBY AVE

Lots of despicable gang banger graffiti!

Closed CR-3587 12/31/17 Abandoned Furniture 10342 CENTRAL AVE

Discarded couch