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# Submitted Category Address Description
Closed CR-3801 03/19/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10282 Orangewood Ave

New bench on Brookhurst , just south of Orangewood

Closed CR-3800 03/19/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11921 Brookhurst St

Shopping cart on Orangewood, just east of brookurst

In Progress CR-3799 03/19/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13251 Roxey Dr

Graffiti on block wall. Corner of Roxey Dr. Gloria Place facing south on Gloria Pl.

In Progress CR-3798 03/18/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13162 Penny Ln

Graffiti on the big green electrical cabinet on the south west corner of Glendon Street and Fairview Street

Closed CR-3797 03/18/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 13052 Century Blvd

2 carts with trash on north side of street

Closed CR-3796 03/18/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10731 Paloma Ave

3 carts on ES of Taft between Paloma and MCkeen

Closed CR-3795 03/18/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10039 Lampson Ave

Cart in front of dentist office on east side of Brookhurst north of lampson.

Closed CR-3794 03/18/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10002 Dakota Ave

Cart at SE corner of Dakota and Brookhurst

Closed CR-3793 03/18/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12112 Brookhurst St Ste 1

6 carts on east side of Brookhurst

Closed CR-3792 03/16/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10611 Chapman Ave

shopping cart on west bound side of Chapman.

Closed CR-3791 03/16/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 8581 Chapman Ave

Shopping cart on north side of street next to utility pole.

In Progress CR-3790 03/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12762 Pearce St

Graffiti on the block wall on the corner of Lilly Street and Pearce st. East side of Lilly st.

Closed CR-3789 03/15/18 Abandoned Furniture 10061 Flanner Ave

2nd request. Abandoned Tv's and furniture never removed. Residents moved out and left it on driveway and curb. Please remove. Last request was cleared without any action.

In Progress CR-3788 03/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13502 Harbor Blvd

Graffiti on the center island curb left turn lane westbound Trask Avenue corner of Trask & Harbor Blvd.

In Progress CR-3787 03/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13141 Magnolia St

Black sprayed graffiti on utility box next to curb on Larson Street at Magnolia. There is also graffiti on several block walls on the west side of Magnolia between Larson and GG blvd.

In Progress CR-3786 03/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10081 Crosby Ave


In Progress CR-3785 03/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10082 Crosby Ave

Graffiti on stop sign

In Progress CR-3784 03/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10082 Crosby Ave


Closed CR-3782 03/14/18 Abandoned Furniture 10892 Patricia Dr

Resident has left a sofa in the easement by curb for the past 3 weeks

Closed CR-3780 03/14/18 Street Signs 8930 Sequoia Ct

There is a "Road Work Ahead" roadside sign that appears to be abandoned. It is on the north side curb of Lampson and faces the Lampson westbound traffic. This mobile sign first appeared weeks ago when a traffic accident hit a power pole at Lampson and Pentagon. It has remained for weeks witho...

In Progress CR-3779 03/14/18 Street Signs 9691 Royal Palm Blvd

Street signs need to be replaced —-Bart/Royal Palm

In Progress CR-3778 03/14/18 Potholes on a Public Street 9691 Royal Palm Blvd

Pothole at Bart and Royal Palm

Closed CR-3776 03/14/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10969 Chapman Ave

No pic but cart on south side next to Ralph’s monument sign - not a Ralph’s cart tho

Closed CR-3775 03/14/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10512 Chapman Ave

Cart on south side of Chapman

Closed CR-3774 03/14/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9917 Chapman Ave

Cart in front of Carl’s Jr.

Closed CR-3773 03/14/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11082 Camellia Way

Cart on north side of Chapman

In Progress CR-3772 03/14/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 9871 Hummingbird Ln

There is a large ficus tree on the propery it is lifting the driveway and aprochment an curb as well the crack in the street is getting worse. There are also several crack in the blacktop that are turning into pot holes

Closed CR-3771 03/13/18 Street Signs 10864 Acacia Pkwy

There is a sign in the median where the sign is bent into the street. Dangerous if hit by a car.

Closed CR-3770 03/13/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11958 Brookhurst St

No pic but shopping cart in front of Mobil on Brookhurst street frontage.

Closed CR-3769 03/13/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11822 Brookhurst St


Closed CR-3768 03/13/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12012 Brookhurst St


Closed CR-3766 03/13/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12731 Groveview St

Abandoned shopping cart

In Progress CR-3765 03/13/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11502 Norma Ln

Graffiti is addressed quite promptly but every time the painters come out they use another color of paint. Currently there are 5 colors on one wall. It would be nice if the solution for graffiti would not ALSO make the neighborhood look trashy.

Closed CR-3764 03/13/18 Abandoned Furniture 10061 Flanner Ave

Residents sold their home, moved out and left abandoned furniture and Tv's. Please remove.

Closed CR-3763 03/13/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11802 Brookhurst St

Shopping cart and trash in ROW along east side of Brookhurst. Please remove ASAP.

I am also texting the Mayor and Scott Stiles.

Closed CR-3762 03/13/18 Abandoned Furniture 9618 Chapman Ave

Graffiti and empty clothes donation container in the railroad ROW. Also graffiti on the walls and a bookshelf

Closed CR-3761 03/13/18 Abandoned Furniture 8888 Chapman Ave

Mattress on sidewalk by staterbros.

Closed CR-3760 03/13/18 Abandoned Furniture 8761 Chapman Ave

There is a mattress behind these two equipment boxes.

Closed CR-3759 03/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property 8502 Lomay Ave

Graffiti has been on the block wall for over a month. I reported it previously and you don't do anything about it. Fix the eye sore, or demand that the property owner does. Graffiti wraps all the way around the fence behind the old taco bell on westminister and Newland streets. - corrected for...

Closed CR-3757 03/11/18 Traffic Signals 11792 Brookhurst St

Center median street lights are out on several poles on Brookhurst between Chapman and Katella.

Closed CR-3756 03/11/18 Abandoned Furniture 11681 Gilbert St

Abandoned refrigerator on Gilbert @ Shannon Avenue on NW corner.

Closed CR-3755 03/09/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13155 Yockey St

Graffiti in large block lettering. B-F-M

Closed CR-3754 03/09/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12016 Nutwood St

Abandoned shopping cart

Closed CR-3753 03/09/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12973 Chapman Ave

Abandoned shopping cart

Closed CR-3752 03/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 8741 Dakota Ave

Big piece of graffiti on the wall. By the Meadow Brook Town Homes on yockey.

Closed CR-3751 03/07/18 Abandoned Furniture 12351 Adelle St

Renters have vacated the house and left a very large big screen TV, mattress and other items standing up right on the front lawn by the curb, obstructing our view down the street when pulling out of our driveway. Items have been there for over a week. Tried speaking to the homeowner/landlord on...

Closed CR-3750 03/07/18 Street Signs 11620 Knott St

No parking in alley sign has graffiti and may need to be replaced. On southbound Knott Street.

Closed CR-3749 03/07/18 Street Signs 12585 George Reyburn Rd

No stopping anytime sign upside down on southbound side of Valley View Street before Tiffany Street.

Closed CR-3748 03/05/18 Environmental Services 11767 Harbor Blvd

In the hotel there is a lot of garbage outside in the parking lot smells bad and it is not good for us the guests. please I want to report to the hotel for not taking out the garbage. Thank you

Closed CR-3747 03/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 14434 Pickwick Ln

Graffiti on block wall that’s along Kerry Street

Closed CR-3746 03/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 9752 Johannah Ave

Graffiti on block wall on the corner of Hazard Ave and Kerry.

In Progress CR-3745 03/04/18 Park Maintenance 12761 Owen St

The fencing on the backstop at Edgar Park is bent and becoming a saftey issue. I witnessed a kid get his pants snagged on it causing him to trip. I have also seen a child trying to crawl under it. It is a serious saftey concern for children and should be addressed immediately!

Closed CR-3744 03/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13251 Roxey Dr

Graffition the block wall fence on the corner of Roxey Driveand Gloria Place facing Gloria Place

Closed CR-3743 03/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13474 Euclid St

Graffiti on the light pole in the center island of the street southbound left turn lane From Euclid St. to Trask Ave.

Closed CR-3742 03/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13251 Brookhurst St

Graffitti on block wall on Southside of central west of Brookhurst.

Closed CR-3740 03/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10371 Park Ave Apt C

This is on the back of the apartments it’s on the alley lately there has been a lot of graffiti

Closed CR-3739 03/02/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12106 Harbor Blvd

Target Store driveway at 12100 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92840 is the exact address. There's a huge pothole in the street in the northbound lane closes to the curb just as you turn north out of the driveway. A tire could get caught in it,

Closed CR-3738 03/02/18 Street Signs 9101 La Grand Ave

Just wondering why we don’t have a “not a through street” sign going from La Grand to Rush. We have alot of traffic trying to cut through the neighborhood amd thinking that street goes through. And also still concerned about the corner of Homeway and La Grand. People cut thise corners l, speed th...

Closed CR-3736 03/01/18 Potholes on a Public Street 13311 Westlake St

Multiple potholes on this street.

Closed CR-3735 03/01/18 Trees on Public Property 5422 Santa Catalina Ave

Trees need to be trimmed. Limbs may break and fall onto people, homes, or parked cars.

Closed CR-3734 03/01/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 13102 Roberta Pl

There is a utility trailer parked on the sidewalk so you have to get off the sidewalk and walk in the street to get around utility trailer can something be done about this thank you. I don’t have a picture unfortunately if you go over there it’s pretty obvious

Closed CR-3733 03/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 10842 Acacia Pkwy

There are two sofas, chairs, dining table and multiple furniture items thrown on the grass. between the home depot and Heatherwood apartments.

Closed CR-3732 03/01/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10752 Chapman Ave

Graffiti on yellow diamond sign at south east corner of Nelson and Chapman.

Closed CR-3729 02/28/18 Abandoned Furniture 12602 Amethyst St

A box spring has been left out for about a week at the address of 12602 Amethyst.
At 6041 Cerulean a couch, large screen TV and about five large trash bags have been out in front for two weeks.

Closed CR-3727 02/27/18 Potholes on a Public Street 13361 Shapell St

Pothole around this intersection, mostly on shapell st.

Closed CR-3725 02/27/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11071 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on trash enclosure behind Main Street

In Progress CR-3723 02/27/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 5422 Santa Catalina Ave

Water does not drain in the gutter. There is standing water in the gutter all year long.

Closed CR-3722 02/26/18 Abandoned Furniture 12502 Woodland Ln

Mattress dumped on sidewalk at corner of Lampson ave and woodland lane. On Lampson side of corner house.

Closed CR-3721 02/26/18 Trees on Public Property 13262 Barnett Way

City tree roots causing sewer issues on property. I'd like the tree removed.

Closed CR-3720 02/26/18 Traffic Concerns 11741 Gary St

Parking within 15' of hydrant

Closed CR-3718 02/25/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12469 West St

White spray paint on beige block facing west st at corner of Comstock st. Across from construction at westhaven park.

Closed CR-3717 02/25/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13641 Fairview St Unit 38

Graffiti on no parking for street sweeper sign

Closed CR-3716 02/25/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13162 Penny Ln

Graffiti on large green elictrial box corner of Fairview st. &Glendon st.

Closed CR-3715 02/25/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13182 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on east wall of tire shop

Closed CR-3714 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13466 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti and the traffic signal poleson the corner of Lewis and Garden Grove Blvd. south east corner. Also on northwest corner and on curb left turn lane southside

Closed CR-3713 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12921 Bolivar Cir

Graffiti on the Painted block wall and the curbs in the drainage ditch/Alley

Closed CR-3712 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13002 Siemon Ave

Graffiti on the Painted block wall facing Garden Grove Boulevard almost to Santa Ana

Closed CR-3711 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13182 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the two poles in front of the tire store one between the tire store and Starbucks And the power pole by the driveway

Closed CR-3710 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13072 Fairview St

Graffiti on the traffic light pole front of the U-Haul store on Fairview Street

Closed CR-3709 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13172 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on both traffic signal poles also on the curb on the corner of Garden Grove Boulevard that would be the southeast corner In front of Starbucks

Closed CR-3708 02/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13552 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the curb on Garden Grove Boulevard on the south sided of the facing north

Closed CR-3707 02/23/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11071 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on large white trashcan enclosure behind the bank facing McDonald’s

In Progress CR-3706 02/23/18 Potholes on a Public Street 13331 Taft St

multiple pothole appeared after it rained last year

Closed CR-3705 02/22/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 11622 Robert Ln

Tv has been on curb since October

Closed CR-3703 02/22/18 Street Signs 8972 Chapman Ave

Eastbound signs for park faded and may need to be replaced.

Closed CR-3702 02/22/18 Abandoned Furniture 12532 Blackthorn St

6 dinning room chairs. Have been left out for more than a week.

Closed CR-3701 02/22/18 Street Signs 10331 Stanford Ave

Second request the street signs on the corner of holly and Lesley street are facing the wrong direction holly is facing Lesley street and Lesley street is facing holly

Closed CR-3700 02/22/18 Street Signs 11962 Brookhurst St

There is a downed street light in the median on Brookhurst just north of Chapman. It has been there for weeks. The crew came out to pour the new foundation to replace and they left the broken up pole. Can this pole please be removed? Thank you.

Closed CR-3699 02/22/18 Street Signs 11611 Brookhurst St

The stop sign on EB Royal Palm at Brookhurst is extremely faded and needs to be replaced. The stop signs at Bart/Orangewood and Royal Palm/Gilbert need to be evaluated for replacement as well. Thank you.

Closed CR-3698 02/22/18 Abandoned Furniture 12748 Chapman Ave

Trash piled up in a tree well on south side of Chapman in front of park.

Closed CR-3696 02/21/18 Street Signs 12762 Downie Pl

No parking sign this track is worn out barely legible. Needs to be replaced. Corner of Lilly street &Downie Pl.

Closed CR-3695 02/21/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 8503 Acacia Ave

Shopping cart overflowing with trash/junk on the street in front of empty lot.

Closed CR-3694 02/20/18 Abandoned Furniture 11250 Dale St Apt 104

Mattresses and box springs abandoned by the crosswalk

Closed CR-3693 02/20/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13466 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on concrete guard rail & blockwall &traffic signal poles on corner of Lewis st. &Garden Grove Blvd.

Closed CR-3692 02/20/18 Abandoned Furniture 13512 Garden Grove Blvd

Abandoned black couch corner of Lewis st. And Garden Grove Blvd.

Closed CR-3691 02/20/18 Abandoned Furniture 11250 Dale St Apt 104

There's 2 mattresses, a shopping cart & a box spring on the side of the street across from Rancho Alamitos High School. A car drove over one of the mattress, it's making the street unsafe.

Closed CR-3689 02/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13289 NEWLAND ST

couch dumped on corner of Newland and Central

Closed CR-3687 02/09/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12820 HARBOR BLVD

Graffiti and the back of the bus stop on the corner of Harbor Boulevard in Palm Street

Closed CR-3686 02/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13472 ROBERTA CIR

Graffiti on the sidewalk on the corner of Roberta Circle and Trask Avenue it’s on the Trask Avenue sidewalk. One Graffiti was removed but this one was left

Closed CR-3684 02/08/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13660 YOCKEY ST

Graffiti covering entire block wall.