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How long does furniture have to sit in the parkway before someone picks it up. There is a chair and small refrigerator that has been sitting on Yawl between Mast and Schooner for about 3 months. Also, just drive around the area and see all the other crap that is sitting in front of houses. It looks like the city dump. This site is not user friendly

Category: Abandoned Furniture
Submitted: November 07, 2017 11:23 AM



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November 15
Message from staff

We have put in for a pick up of these abandoned items through our trash hauler, Republic Services, who schedules special pick ups for these items. We rely on residents to report such issues, as the City does not have personnel that drive around to locate these problems.
As for other items, Code Enforcement (714-719-5135) all handles private property

November 07
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November 07
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November 07


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