Contact Engineering Division: 714-741-5192.

Engineering has 3 sections: Land Development, Capital Projects, and Traffic.
Be sure to call 811 and notify Underground Service Alert before you dig!

My street light is broken. How do I get a street light fixed?
To report an inoperable street light, please call Southern California Edison at (800) 611-1911 or you may report the outage at the SCE website SCE will require the address of the pole, the type of pole material (steel, concrete, or wood), and the pole number. The pole numbers are approximately seven digits long with the letter "E" at the end and are painted on the pole or engraved on a metal tag, placed at eye-level.

Land Development

The Land Development Section is responsible for property research assistance, street and grading permits and plan review. Home Owners and Developers please read the frequently asked questions: