cook.jpgAlonzo Cook was born to Gerry and Mary Cook in the state of Maine in May of 1839. In 1860, Alonzo and Belle Webster met and married in 1861.

Following their marriage, Alonzo continued with his education. He had attended Ohio State University as well as Union Law School, which is now Northwestern University. Throughout their marriage, the couple relocated on several occasions, living in Iowa, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California. During Alonzo’s career, he served as a Probate Judge in the Idaho Territory, worked as an attorney for the State of Washington, and also practiced as a physician.

alonzostatue.jpgThe year 1874 marked an historical occasion for Garden Grove. That year, Alonzo and Belle Cook bought 160 acres of land, sold second-hand from the once-dominant Abel Stearns Ranch. The land covered what is now the area of Lampson Street to Garden Grove Boulevard, and from Euclid/Main Street to Nutwood Street. On his own land, Alonzo commenced the establishment of a civic center, commercial businesses, and a school district for the area. These were the first semblances of a village Alonzo Cook named “Garden Grove.”

By 1877, the village had a church, a blacksmith, a post office, and a general store. Dr. Cook donated land, time, and money to help establish all of these needed community functions. By 1881, the Cook family moved on to pursue interests in other states and other enterprises. Alonzo Cook died in Olympia, Washington in 1932 at the age of 93. By then, he had made his mark in history.

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