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# Submitted Category Address Description
received CR-4060 05/24/18 Abandoned Furniture 9876 11th St

Abandoned couch

received CR-4059 05/24/18 Trees on Public Property 12781 Bartlett St

Actual location: 5551 Belgrave Ave. Large tree at curb has a massive branch overhanging the roadway. Poses a major hazard.

received CR-4058 05/24/18 Abandoned Furniture 9172 Trask Ave

Garden Bay Apts. - 9181 Trask Ave. two mattresses dumped

received CR-4057 05/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12651 Gloria St

Graffiti on the electrical cabinet on the corner Roxy Drive and School Drive across from the grade school

received CR-4056 05/24/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12471 Trask Ave

Graffiti on street light pole northwest corner of Clinton St., Trask Avenue

Closed CR-4055 05/24/18 Environmental Services 12721 Wynant Dr

Someone left 2 1 gallon containers with Muriatic Acid labels on them!?!? What needs to be done?

received CR-4054 05/23/18 Street Signs 11441 Dallas Dr

Stop sign 🛑 Upside-down.

Closed CR-4053 05/23/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10871 Chapman Ave

Abandoned shopping cart NW corner of Chapman and Harris for over a week

Closed CR-4052 05/23/18 Street Signs 8171 Lampson Ave

The "no parking" signs are completely worn out. Are they still in effect? Tenants are asking if they can park there because the curb isn't red. They just put up red curbs and barriers up and down the street for construction and took up all the other parking?

received CR-4051 05/23/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 11000 Garden Grove Blvd

The gate north of the 22 is standing open but there is on work truck nearby. This is on Taft just south of Trask. It is supposed to be locked.

Closed CR-4050 05/21/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11472 Larkin Dr

Reported this one last week at Orangewood and Larkin. I got an email saying that it had been taken care of, ticket closed. A week later it’s still there

received CR-4049 05/21/18 Street Signs 13401 Sheppard Cir Apt B

The street sign for Shepard and Gloria is broken from the base and laying on the grass. The pole itself is broken off from the bottom half and will need replacement. It is a safety hazard for the area residents. Please ensure this is fixed. Thank you.

received CR-4048 05/20/18 Water Wasting 12894 Newhope St

Water continues to seep out of the ground near the meter at this location for weeks now and not sure if it was ever reported.

Closed CR-4047 05/19/18 Street Signs 13471 Marty Ln

Theres is a dip without the street sign

received CR-4043 05/19/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13011 Lewis St

Graffiti on the traffic signal pole on the southwest corner of Lewis Street and Garden Grove Blvd.

received CR-4042 05/18/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13302 Verde St Apt 3

Graffiti on wall behinbehind 13302 verde in alley.

Closed CR-4041 05/17/18 Traffic Concerns 14421 Lyndon St

Please install a speed limit sign and make it more visible throughout the street. This is an one straight street and people speeding through it all the time.
Additional patrol on this street

received CR-4040 05/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13472 Roberta Cir

Graffiti on the block wall and wrought iron fence on the corner of Roberta Circle and Trask Avenue across from the junior high school

received CR-4039 05/17/18 Abandoned Furniture 13511 Robyn Ct

Large gray couch abandoned on the corner of RobynCourt and Trask Avenue

received CR-4038 05/17/18 Abandoned Furniture 13362 Clinton St

large abandon entertainment center setting on the parkway

received CR-4037 05/17/18 Abandoned Furniture 12471 Ranchero Way

Abandon mattress laying in the parkway on Clinton st. and Ranchero way

received CR-4036 05/17/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11072 Camellia Way

Graffiti on the wall

received CR-4035 05/16/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10351 Trask Ave

Please remove the graffiti

received CR-4034 05/16/18 Abandoned Furniture 10721 Woodbury Rd

There is a TV that was left on the side of the road.

Closed CR-4033 05/16/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10192 Lampson Ave

Weeds are not maintained on city owned right of way

received CR-4032 05/16/18 Abandoned Furniture 12801 Gloria St

Large brown couch and loveseat abandon in front yard

Closed CR-4031 05/16/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11472 Larkin Dr

Shopping cart on lawn for 3 days.

Closed CR-4030 05/15/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9121 Lampson Ave

Abandoned shopping cart

received CR-4029 05/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13300 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the no stopping anytime sign for the rest of the block

received CR-4028 05/15/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13037 Fairview St

Graffiti on the traffic control light pole south west corner of the off ramp. Fairview st. also on the do not enter sign for the Fairview Street offramp

received CR-4027 05/15/18 Abandoned Furniture 10211 Chapman Ave

Bunch of furniture on sidewalk

Closed CR-4026 05/15/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9929 Chapman Ave

Shopping cart next to bus stop in front of Carl’s Jr. - no photo

Closed CR-4025 05/15/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9921 Chapman Ave


received CR-4024 05/15/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12052 Cole St Apt 3

Shopping cart - been there since Saturday.

Closed CR-4023 05/15/18 Abandoned Furniture 9618 Chapman Ave

Old chair and can you PLEASE get rid of this stupid cabinet? These are not allowed by the zoning code and need to be removed. It is an attraction for trash and graffiti.

received CR-4022 05/15/18 Abandoned Furniture 8888 Chapman Ave

Carpet and broken furniture on sidewalk

Closed CR-4021 05/15/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 8850 Chapman Ave

Cart on Chapman in front of school.
2nd request

Closed CR-4020 05/14/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11472 Larkin Dr

Corner of Orangewood & Larkin

received CR-4019 05/14/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13012 Tiller Ave

Graffiti on the wall

received CR-4018 05/14/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 12832 Garden Grove Blvd

The sidewalk on the south west side of the driveway is starting to heav. looks like a trip hazard. May need to be replaced

received CR-4017 05/14/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12979 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the curb just before the entrance to the 22 freeway south west corner of Haster st. and Garden Grove Blvd

received CR-4016 05/14/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12902 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the base of the tree and on the for lease sign just off the sidewalk

received CR-4015 05/14/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10381 Lampson Ave

Sidewalk being lifted up by tree roots.

Closed CR-4014 05/14/18 Abandoned Furniture 12665 Garden Grove Blvd

I have a old mattres to throw awy

received CR-4012 05/14/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13012 Tiller Ave

Gang affiliated graffiti.

Closed CR-4011 05/11/18 Graffiti on Public Property 11007 Chapman Ave

On the northeast corner there is a bus shelter with graffiti on the back side

Closed CR-4010 05/11/18 Water 12061 Euclid St

Ralph’s and jack in the box parking lot there is a probable broken sprinkler spewing water. The water leak is where you turn in at the jack in the box sign.

received CR-4009 05/11/18 Abandoned Furniture 8333 Central Ave

abandoned chair near utility box north side of street

received CR-4008 05/11/18 Trees on Public Property 8406 Central Ave

Trees on south side of Central near Newland really need a good trimming. You have to duck under one of them as you walk down the sidewalk but the whole crowns need a shave.

received CR-4007 05/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 13052 Newland St

The renter's at 13070 Ansell Ct. attempted to dispose of the ottoman inside the complex. The HOA informed him he would be billed, so he dumped it outside of the complex on the sidewalk

received CR-4006 05/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 9551 Maureen Dr Apt 1

People moved out of apt.and dumped unwanted furniture,refrigerator,etc. in
alley that is between Maureen Drive and Katella .

received CR-4005 05/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 13301 Verde St Apt 2

Abandoned couches behind 13301 verde street in alley.

received CR-4004 05/10/18 Abandoned Furniture 11502 Gail Ln

The furniture is located on Orangewood Ave. between Gail Lane and Margie Lane. It is on the south side of Orangewood.
Thank you.

Closed CR-4003 05/09/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9541 Joyzelle Dr

Shopping cart in front of 9541 Joyzelle drive

received CR-4001 05/09/18 Water Wasting 13057 Simmons Ave

Sprinklers along north west corner of ponderosa park watering the sidewalk and street more than the park at 5:30 pm

received CR-4000 05/09/18 Abandoned Furniture 13096 Lewis St

13041 Lewis is the address on the west side of the street. The king size mattress is on the east side of the street

Closed CR-3999 05/09/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11962 Harris St

Abandoned shopping cart

received CR-3998 05/09/18 Street Signs 13461 Ranchero Pl

No parking this tract sign is warn out need to be replaced. Sign post is also bent over

received CR-3997 05/09/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12762 Downie Pl

Graffiti on the street, corner of Lilly st. and Downie Place across from the school

Closed CR-3996 05/08/18 Traffic Signals 13472 Dawn Ave

Cross walk not alerting enough for drivers, needs flashing lights while in use. Very rare when a driver stops for pedestrians. Especially busy after church functions.

received CR-3989 05/07/18 Abandoned Furniture 11121 Paloma Ave

Someone dumped some old washers, sink, door, cement mixer, etc

received CR-3988 05/07/18 Graffiti on Public Property 10732 Parliament Ave

Gang related graffiti, on neighboring wall (city proper),

Closed CR-3987 05/07/18 Traffic Concerns 6702 Stanford Ave

Many cars, especially in the evening and night speed through Lamplighter and Stanford, often failing to stop at the intersection. People often use Stanford and Lamplighter to cut through the neighborhood to access the 22 freeway. My family and I have nearly been hit crossing at this crosswalk alr...

received CR-3986 05/07/18 Abandoned Furniture 12742 Gilbert St

Old sofa sitting on the Stanford side of this home (on the Stanford side of house) for a week+.

Closed CR-3985 05/06/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13512 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on new bus bench corner ofLewis st &Garden Grove Blvd.

Closed CR-3984 05/05/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10862 Garden Grove Blvd

Ababdonded shopping carts full of discarded clothes. Trash everywhere. Property owner needs to be cited for not maintaining property.

received CR-3983 05/05/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12991 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the crosswalk control box button on the corner of Garden Grove Boulevard and Haster st. it’s the north west corner

received CR-3982 05/05/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12762 Firebrand Cir

Graffiti on speed limit sign on the west side of Haster st just before Aspenwood Ave. the map says Firebrand cir but it’s on Haster st.

received CR-3981 05/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12573 Haster St

Graffiti on the security door by the southbathroom

Closed CR-3980 05/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12835 Palm St

Graffiti on the back of the bus stop on the corner of Harbor Blvd., Palm Street

received CR-3979 05/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12421 Pearce St

Graffiti on the Block wall on the east facing corner

received CR-3978 05/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13282 Palm St

Graffiti on the no parking this track sign corner of Flagstone Place And Palm Street

received CR-3977 05/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12462 Pearce St

Graffiti on the electrical cabinets on the north side of Pearce st.

received CR-3976 05/04/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12721 Trask Ave

Pothole forming around manhole cover eastbound Trask Avenue just passed Lilly Street heading east

Closed CR-3975 05/04/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 10412 Stanford Ave


received CR-3973 05/03/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 6921 Vanguard Ave

Damaged curb and gutter causing damage to vehicles that brush the curb and causing puddling of water in gutter. The area is the low spot of the block and is always full of water

received CR-3972 05/03/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 6782 Laurelton Ave

A city contractor just finished replacing the gutter to improve water flow down the street. I want some one at the city to know that not only did they do a poor job cleaning up as well as maintaining my neighbors yard that they dug up but the water still stops at the same place. Water pools in fr...

received CR-3971 05/03/18 Environmental Services 13471 Roxey Dr

Somebody has dumped large amount of trash in the alley off Trask Avenue the weeds are really overgrown this is soon to be a fire hazard

received CR-3970 05/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12762 Downie Pl

Graffiti on top of the fireplug on the corner of Lilly Street in Downie place

received CR-3969 05/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13212 Cypress St

Usual LMS 13 graffiti. It's all over!

Closed CR-3968 05/03/18 Graffiti on Public Property 9618 Chapman Ave

Graffiti on wall facing RR row

Closed CR-3967 05/03/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 12000 Brookhurst St

Cart at intersection

Closed CR-3966 05/03/18 Abandoned Furniture 9618 Chapman Ave

Furniture and junk in RR row

Closed CR-3965 05/03/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 8850 Chapman Ave

Cart! Been there a few days

received CR-3964 05/02/18 Abandoned Furniture 9872 Belfast Dr Apt 3

Someone put their used furnitures in the alley. Dangerous for me to drive in and out my house and homeless start sleeping in those couches. I don’t want to accident run them over at night. Please sent someone to remove the furnitures. Thank you very much

received CR-3963 05/02/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13152 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on the traffic crosswalk control box on the south west corner and also on the southeast corner of FairviewStreet and Garden Grove Blvd.

received CR-3962 05/02/18 Graffiti on Public Property 7203 Garden Grove Blvd

Graffiti on light pole

received CR-3961 05/01/18 Potholes on a Public Street 12642 Josephine St Apt 3

Pothole exiting apartment complex 12642 Josephine st and all along south bound Josephine st as well The entire street needs to be repaved simple patches are no longer working please address this ASAP

received CR-3960 05/01/18 Abandoned Furniture 12502 Janet Ln

Blue heavy chair dumped on sidewalk on Lampson Ave at Janet Lane.

received CR-3959 04/30/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12472 Darnell St

Black spray paint says SAW on white wooden fence facing Lampson ave

received CR-3958 04/30/18 Trees on Public Property 8171 Larson Ave Apt A

Good morning, First thank you for fixing potholes on Larson Ave, and Installed LED street lights

One of the treet light in front of our gate cover by tree branches, Please have a tree services trim some branches

Thank you

Closed CR-3957 04/30/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 9371 Tudor Ln


Closed CR-3956 04/30/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 8850 Chapman Ave


Closed CR-3955 04/30/18 Abandoned Shopping Carts 11621 Brookhurst St


received CR-3954 04/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12932 Trask Ave

Graffiti on the no stoping anytime sign on the south side of Trask Ave. Just after Robyn court going east

received CR-3953 04/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 13517 Fairview St

Graffiti on the paining block wall north side of the 7-Eleven Facing Trask Avenue

received CR-3952 04/29/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12231 Acacia Ave

Black spray paint says SAW on beige block on the business side of Buaro St

received CR-3951 04/29/18 Abandoned Furniture 8902 Tracy Ave

Sectional couch has been at the curb/sidewalk area for three weeks.

Closed CR-3950 04/29/18 Sidewalk / Curb / Gutter 10102 Imperial Ave

Need more street lights. Only 1 street light at the end of the street. Very dark at night.

received CR-3949 04/28/18 Graffiti on Public Property 12801 Trask Ave

Graffiti on the electrical cabinet on the north side of Trask Ave. a crossed from the junior high school