Request CR-3448


The single lady that lives at this address waters 4 times a week washes down the driveway 3 times in the last week. I tried to tell about the waste she states she can afford it and not to tell her what to do

Category: Water Wasting
Submitted: November 08, 2017 05:35 PM



Request has been completed. Wasting water letter will be mailed.
November 20, 2017
Message from staff

The City is currently back at stage 1, voluntarily conserving water. The neighbor is allowed to water her lawn any day as long as it is before 10am and after 5pm. However she should not be washing down her driveway. I will send her a letter stating it's been brought to our attention that water is being wasted at this address.

November 20, 2017
Request received.
November 09, 2017