Teresa Pomeroy, CMC, City Clerk
(714) 741-5035
Garden Grove Records Request

The mission of the City Clerk’s Office is to safeguard all official records of the City, conduct municipal elections, oversee legislative administration, and to provide reliable, accurate and timely information to the City Council, staff, residents, and the public.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes
The City Clerk attends all legislative meetings and prepares and posts the agendas and minutes for the following legislative bodies:

• Garden Grove City Council
• The City of Garden Grove as Successor Agency to the Garden Grove Agency for Community Development
• The Oversight Board to the City of Garden Grove as Successor Agency to the Garden Grove Agency for Community Development
• The Garden Grove Sanitary District Board
• The Garden Grove Housing Authority
• The Garden Grove Public Finance Authority Board
• The Garden Grove Industrial Development Authority Board

Access meeting agendas and minutes.

The City Clerk is the Elections Official responsible for conducting all of the City's elections. View 2018 Garden Grove Election Information.

Campaign Finance and Conflict of Interest, Form 700 Filing
The City Clerk serves as the Filing Officer for Campaign Finance reports and Statement of Economic Interest for elected and certain appointed officials.

The following officers identified in Government Code Section 87200, file Form 700 online with the Fair Political Practice Commission:

Mayor Steven R. Jones
District 1: Council Member Kris Beard
District 2: Council Member John R. O’Neill
District 3: Council Member Thu-Ha Nguyen
District 4: Mayor Pro Tem Phat Bui
District 5: Council Member Stephanie Klopfenstein
District 6: Council Member Kim B. Nguyen
City Manager: Scott Stiles
City Attorney: Omar Sandoval
City Treasurer: Laura Stover
Planning Commissioner: George S. Brietigam III
Planning Commissioner: Andrew Kanzler
Planning Commissioner: Gary Lazenby
Planning Commissioner: Jeremy Lehman
Planning Commissioner: Man Jordan Nguyen
Planning Commissioner: Lupita Salazar
Planning Commissioner: Lala Truong

The Form 700 filed by these officers may be viewed at Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) or call 1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-886-275-3772).

Other designated employees file Form 700 with the City Clerk's Office and are available for inspection and reproduction during regular business hours. No appointment is necessary to review these records. You may also obtain copies by submitting an online request or by calling (714) 741-5040.

Public Records
The City Clerk is the City’s Official Custodian of Records with the duty to preserve, maintain, and protect all documents certifying legislative actions. These records go back to the date of the City’s incorporation on June 18, 1956.

The City of Garden Grove encourages public participation in the governing process and provides reasonable access to all public records except those documents that are exempt from disclosure by express provisions of law or considered confidential or privileged under the law. The City, in accordance with Government Code Section 6253, has ten (10) days to respond to most requests for public documents by indicating whether or not the documents exist and will be made available. Actual production of the documents may take somewhat longer depending upon their ease of availability and staff workload. All document duplication fees are due and payable in full and are based on the City’s current fee resolution. You may submit a request and track it online.

Archive Documents Search
You may access the City's Resolutions, Ordinances and Minutes archive using the Archive Documents Search.

Municipal Code
The City Clerk’s Office administers the City's Municipal Code, and is responsible for ensuring that ordinances adopted by the City Council that amend the Code are published. The Municipal Code is available online. For more recent amendments to this code, refer to the online Municipal Code CodeAlert page.

Serving as a Commissioner
The City Clerk’s Office accepts applications on an ongoing basis from Garden Grove residents registered to vote in Garden Grove interested in serving as a volunteer Commissioner. Learn more about Commissions.

Filing a Claim
The City Clerk’s Office processes all claims filed against the City of Garden Grove. A claim must be filed within six months from the date of incident. Please call our Office to obtain the form or for your convenience you can read about the claim process and download the form.

Fees for all services are listed in the User Fees for Various City Services (pdf).