The City of Garden Grove is comprised of nine departments. Each department is responsible for different areas to ensure proper administration of services to the public. Below is a list of departments, the name of the current department director, the department phone, and the services provided:

City Manager Scott C. Stiles
Includes the City Attorney's Office, City Council Liaison, City Clerk, Central Records, and Intergovernmental Relations/Legislation.

Deputy City Manager Maria Stipe Photo and Bio Page
Works with designated departments towards the achievement of departmental objectives and the objectives of the City government as a whole.

Director of Community and Economic Development Lisa Kim Photo and Bio Page
Includes Neighborhood Improvement, Building Services (inspections/permits), Planning, and Economic Development.

Blank Profile Picture
Includes Office of Community Relations, Recreation & Human Services (facilities, parks, programs and activities), Community Meeting Center, and the H. Louis Lake Senior Center.

Director of Finance Kingsley Okereke Photo and Bio Page
Includes Budget, Business License, Expenditures, Purchasing, Revenue, Risk Management, and Water Billing.

Fire Chief Tom Schultz Photo and Bio Page
Includes Administrative Division, Operations, and Fire Prevention Bureau.

Director of Human Resources Laura Stover Photo and Bio Page
Includes recruitment, applicant testing, classification, labor relations, salary administration, RIDESHARE, and employee benefits.

Director of Information Technology Charles Kalil Photo and Bio Page
Includes Information Systems Programming, Graphics, Reprographics, and Word Processing.

Police Chief Todd Elgin Photo and Bio Page
Includes Administrative Division, Community Policing (Special Services, Gang Suppression, Youth Services), Support Services, Investigations, Communications/Dispatch, Records, Fingerprinting, Forensics, and Juvenile Justice.

Director of Public Works Bill Murray Photo and Bio Page
Includes Vehicle Maintenance, City Buildings, Engineering, Water, Streets, Trash, Sewer, Trees and Parks.