The Garden Grove Housing Authority operates under federal grants received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide rental subsidies to low-income families. The program assists over 2,300 families with their monthly rent.

Families qualify for rental subsidies based on their income. Once eligibility is determined, families are authorized to seek privately owned rental units.

Due to a long waiting list, the Housing Authority accepts new applications for the program only periodically. A public announcement is made when the program is open to new applicants.

Fiscal Year 2015-2019 Five Year and Annual Plan

The Garden Grove Housing Authority's FY 2015-2019 Five Year and Annual Plan establishes goals and objectives to promote adequate and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.

**The Housing Authority is currently NOT accepting new applications.**

Garden Grove Housing Authority Administrative Plan

The Garden Grove Housing Authority's Administrative Plan establishes written policies for administering the Housing Choice Voucher (HVC) Program. These policies are in accordance with HUD regulations.

For more information, please call the Housing Authority at (714) 741-5150. Garden Grove Housing Authority is located at 12966 Euclid Street, Ste 150, Garden Grove, CA 92840.

AB 987
Pursuant to AB 987, passed by the California State Legislature in 2007, a description of all housing units assisted with a Redevelopment Agency's Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund or otherwise counted towards an Agency's inclusionary or replacement requirements must be posted for public review and updated once annually. This database is not a listing of available housing.
AB 987 Multifamily Database

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