If an applicant is qualified for housing assistance as a resident, the family will be permitted to relocate outside of Garden Grove Housing Authority's (GGHA) jurisdiction.


Mobility applies to families moving out of the city of Garden Grove but remain within the County of Orange, except the City of Santa Ana. The three housing authorities in Orange County: the Orange County HA, Anaheim HA and the GGHA have entered into an agreement to administer mobility. Applicants who request mobility will be administered as follows:

* Applicant will submit the Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) to the GGHA
* GGHA will forward the RTA form to the host housing authority
* GGHA reimburses host authority for inspection services
* All contact for administration of tenant's file remains with GGHA


Portability applies to families moving to the City of Santa Ana or out of Orange County and within the United States and its territories. When a family requests to move outside of GGHA’s jurisdiction, the request must specify the area to which the family wants to move. The area must also be one that administers a Section 8 program. GGHA will forward applicant’s files to the host housing authority. Host housing authority will inspect and administer applicant’s file.

Surrounding Area Housing Authorities