Site C Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study

  • Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study
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  • Notice of Intent to Adopt a Subsequent Mitigated Negative Declaration
  • Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study - August 2012
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    Project Description: A request for approval of a Site Plan, Tentative Tract Map, and Development Agreement to implement a previously approved resort hotel development project on “Site C” at the Northwest corner of Harbor Boulevard and Twintree Lane in the City of Garden Grove. In 2012, the Garden Grove City Council approved General Plan Amendment No. GPA-2-12(B) and Planned Unit Development No. PUD-128-12 and adopted a Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program to facilitate the future development of a resort hotel project on Site C. As approved in 2012, the Site C project called for up to 769 rooms in one (1) full service hotel and up to two (2) limited service hotels ranging from 10-19 stories; associated conference/meeting/banquet space, several restaurants; an indoor entertainment venue; and a multi-level parking garage with 1,297 total spaces on a 5.2 acre site, as depicted on a conceptual site plan (the “2012 Project”). Modifications to the project adopted in 2012 are now proposed (the “Modified Project”) in conjunction with the proposed Site Plan. The Modified Project includes the same number of hotels, hotel rooms, and maximum building heights as the 2012 Project, but the configuration of the buildings, the amount and type of ancillary uses, and the site access have been modified. The Modified Project generally includes: (1) a change to two (2) full service hotels and one (1) limited service hotel; (2) changes to on-site circulation and access, including a new second driveway along Harbor Boulevard at the most southerly portion of the site, and changes to the parking structure including one entrance instead of the previous two entrances and one level of subterranean parking (maintaining the same 1,297 total spaces approved in the 2012 Project); (3) the introduction of retail uses; (4) minor changes to the total square footage of conference/meeting banquet space, restaurant/retail/entertainment space, hotel ancillary uses (such as gyms, spas, salon, a hotel shop, and a kids club) and hotel restaurant space; and (5) modifications to the 2012 Project’s building placements and configuration including (a) shifting the placement of Hotel A to maintain a 5-foot setback from the north property line, a 10-foot setback from the east property line, and expanding the hotel’s second floor terrace along the northerly portion of the property line toward Harbor Boulevard, constructing a new retail building at the northwest corner of the site that connects to Hotel A via a second floor terrace, and relocating the valet drop-off for Hotel A; (b) swapping the placement of Hotel B with a restaurant pad building so that the restaurant pad is located at the southwest corner of the project site and Hotel B is located just north of the restaurant pad building with a connection provided between both structures via the hotel’s second floor terrace; and (c) expanding and reconfiguring the usable outdoor roof deck area of Hotel A, which includes increasing the height of certain portions of the outdoor roof deck area from 75 feet to 80 feet and 85 feet, while continuing to maintain the easterly most portion of the parking structure at a height of 75 feet. The size of the Modified Project site has been reduced from 5.2 acres to 4.3 acres. The proposed Tentative Tract Map will adjust the rear property lines of four existing City-owned parcels located at the Northeast corner of the site on Choisser Road to incorporate a portion of these parcels into the Modified Project site and will consolidate the existing parcels on the Modified Project site into two lots to facilitate development of the Modified Project and future commercial condominiumization. The Planning Commission will also consider a recommendation for City Council approval of a Development Agreement with the developer of the Modified Project.

General Plan Amendment No. GPA-003-2017

  • Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for General Plan Amendment No. GPA-003-2017
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    Project Description: The proposed Project site is currently developed with an abandoned pre-school building and its associated facilities such as asphalt-paved parking areas, playgrounds, and a pool. All of the facilities on the lot will be demolished. The Project proposes construction of 17 attached townhomes in two (2) new buildings consisting of an eight-plex to the north and a nine-plex to the south. The new buildings have a building area coverage of 16,360 sq. ft. or 38% of the lot. An open recreation area is located in the middle of the eight-plex and landscaped walkways lead to the unit entries along the side property lines. The recreation area and the landscape areas combine for 6,520 square feet or 15.2% of the lot. The Project includes a request for a General Plan Amendment to change the Land Use Designation from Civic/Institutional to Medium Density Residential. Other entitlements required for the project are two (2) variances, one for the separation of habitable space from the drive aisle (10'-0" required, 5'-0" provided) and the second for the separation of a unit from the active recreation area (5'-0" required, 3'-0" provided), and a Tentative Tract Map to subdivide the property into a single parcel with condominiums.

General Plan Amendment No. GPA-002-2017(B)

  • Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study
  • Appendices
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    Project Description: A request to develop a parcel, approximately 19,152 square feet in size, with a 10-unit apartment complex with a 35% affordable housing density bonus for low-income households. The project includes a General Plan amendment, to change the General Plan land use designation of the property from Civic/Institution to Medium Density Residential (MDR), and a Site Plan to construct 10-units within a three-story apartment building. Pursuant to the State Density Bonus Law, the applicant is requesting three waivers from the R-3 zone development standards: 1) to allow the third-story configuration to be greater than 50 percent of the building footprint, 2) to deviate from the required 10’-0” distance separation between the units and the drive aisle located on the first, second, and third floors, and 3) to deviate from the required 11’-3” third-story side yard setback.