Thursday, November 3, 2016
Photo of Brodard Chateau's nem nuong
Brodard Chateau's nem nuong
Two popular Garden Grove restaurants—Brodard Chateau, and Garlic & Chives—continue to gain acclaim among foodies and food critics by being named to the 2016 Los Angeles Times “101 Best Restaurants” list by food critic Jonathan Gold. The predecessor to the Brodard Chateau, the original Brodard, was also recently named as the county’s No. 1 Vietnamese restaurant by the Orange County Register’s “Best of Orange County” for 2016.

Reviewing a field of nearly 20,000 restaurants, LA Times recognized restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold, places Brodard Chateau at No. 71 among the top 101 across Southern California.

“Properly-rolled nem nuong may display almost as many culinary sensations as exist on Earth: crispness and crunch, funk and clean acidity, freshness and umami, sweet and salt,” says Gold about Brodard Chateau’s signature dish made of grilled pork wrapped in rice paper.

“Brodard Chateau is nem nuong-centric to the point that, even if you have ordered a plate of banh khot and a bowl of the delicious bun cha Hanoi, the waiter will stand patiently by the table until you tell him what kind of nem nuong you would like,” Gold adds.

At No. 81, Garlic & Chives is described by Gold as, “less a traditional Vietnamese restaurant than it is a modern small-plates bistro.”

Referencing the culinary creations of chef Kristin Nguyen, Gold says, “A lot of the flavors do tend to be pretty Vietnamese, from the slivers of banana blossom in the pomelo salad, to the wispy egg rolls wrapped with salmon belly in rice-paper rolls, but Vietnamese standards such as catfish in caramel sauce may be served with sticky rice blasted in cast iron until it resembles a loosely rolled noodle…”

Leading the Orange County Register’s trio of best picks for Vietnamese restaurants in Orange County, is the original Brodard.

Register food critic, Brad A. Johnson, describes Brodard’s signature nem nuong cuon (spring roll made with grilled pork sausage and crisp wonton strips), as “slightly sweet and garlicky” and the reason why “everyone is here.”

Brodard Chateau: 9100 Trask Avenue, (714) 899-8273. Garlic & Chives: 9892 Westminster Avenue, No. 311, (714) 591-5196. Brodard: 9892 Westminster Avenue, No. R, (714) 530-1744, Brodard.

To see Jonathan Gold’s complete list, visit LA Times. For the Best of Orange County 2016, visit OC Register.