The Gem Theater is located at:
12852 Main Street
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 741-9550 x221

The theatre is a 158-seat venue owned by the City of Garden Grove, and under the management of One More Productions.

One More Productions is not a typical repertory theatre company, but a production company that mounts, stages and produces theatre at a professional, yet affordable level. One More Productions brings together only the most talented individuals to present live theatre with the utmost value, integrity and passion and strives to provide a truly unparalleled and unique experience for all those involved.

One More Productions is dedicated to making the arts accessible for the entire community, producing full-scale musicals, fully-mounted plays, staged readings, and original works, as well as industrial performances and musical reviews for tradeshows, rotaries, country clubs and civic events. We are built on the foundation that art strengthens and enriches communities by promoting creativity, communication and education. Knowing the importance of theatre, especially for children and young adults, not only as an outlet, but also as an educational tool that can promote tolerance and love for the arts through song, dance and entertainment, One More Productions has made a commitment to producing theater for a wide audience that is family-friendly and diverse.

One More Productions is actively involved in the community, partnering with school districts in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties to provide educational performances and tours for both students as well as faculty. We are also devoted to giving back to the community, helping to raise money and awareness for local organizations and charitable foundations by hosting performances and special events.

One More Productions was founded in 2004 by Nicole Cassesso and Damien Lorton and found a permanent home at the historical GEM Theater in 2008. One More Productions quickly established itself as one of the top theater companies in Southern California and continues to receive critical acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

One More Productions is one of Southern California's leading musical theater companies. The Gem Theater in Garden Grove, One More Productions has been lauded for its quality productions of Broadway musicals, including the following accolades:

  • Voted one of the top five theaters in all of Southern California in 2009 by the Los Angeles Times
  • Awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award by The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
  • Awarded The Saint James Family Honors Award by the Board of Directors of the Orange County Imperial Court

Schedule of Events

To purchase tickets, click here http://tickets.onemoreproductions.com/

GYPSY (Thursday 8pm): 8/28/14
GYPSY (Friday 8pm): 8/29/14
GYPSY (Saturday 8pm): 8/30/14
GYPSY (Sunday 2pm): 8/31/14
GYPSY (Thursday 8pm): 9/4/14
GYPSY (Friday 8pm): 9/5/14
GYPSY (Saturday 8pm): 9/6/14
GYPSY (Sunday 2pm): 9/7/14
GYPSY (Thursday 8pm): 9/11/14
GYPSY (Friday 8pm): 9/12/14
GYPSY (Saturday 2pm & 8pm): 9/13/14
GYPSY (Sunday 2pm): 9/14/14

ASSASSINS (Thursday 8pm): 10/9/14
ASSASSINS (Friday 8pm): 10/10/14
ASSASSINS (Saturday 8pm): 10/11/14
ASSASSINS (Sunday 2pm): 10/12/14
ASSASSINS (Thursday 8pm): 10/16/14
ASSASSINS (Friday 8pm): 10/17/14
ASSASSINS (Saturday 8pm): 10/18/14
ASSASSINS (Sunday 2pm): 10/19/14
ASSASSINS (Thursday 8pm): 10/23/14
ASSASSINS (Friday 8pm): 10/24/14
ASSASSINS (Saturday 8pm): 10/25/14
ASSASSINS (Sunday 2pm): 10/26/14