Thursday, March 19, 2015

imageedit_1_5991688244_0.pngThe judges are out and about! Through April 12, Garden Grove Pride volunteers will be pursuing the city's neighborhoods in search of the nicest-looking homes. The volunteers will use their best judgment to choose just 23 homes in each of the city's 17 zones, including their top selection, the Home of the Year. Each zone contains approximately 3,000 homes. Garden Grove Pride is a home beautification program honoring residents who take pride in their community by maintaining and enhancing their properties. Judges use their discretion in assessing general criteria such as maintenance, yard cleanliness, landscape design, and overall appearance. The winning homeowners and judges will be honored at the 42nd annual Garden Grove Pride Awards Reception on Monday, June 1, 2015, hosted by Mayor Bao Nguyen and the Garden Grove City Council. The 17 Home of the Year winners, along with the Best Water-Wise Home, are also eligible to participate in an on-line voting contest for the title of Garden Grove's "Best Home and Garden." For more information about Garden Grove Pride, please call the Office of Community Relations at (714) 741-5280.