FOR MEDIA: Fraud Prevention Program 2015 Media Kit

xlarge_Fraud Inspectors.jpgWHAT IS HAPPENING

Each year the Garden Grove Fire Department requires businesses undergo a fire inspection for your safety. We have become aware that individuals and/or companies who are not with the department and not certified and licensed, are representing themselves as members of the Fire Department. Businesses have been victimized by companies claiming to have been sent by the “Fire Marshal”, “Fire Department”, “Fire Inspector”, or "landlords". They are conducting inspections for a fee, or performing work that is not authorized by the business, and in turn charging hundreds to thousands of dollars.


The Garden Grove Fire Department schedules fire inspections in all Garden Grove businesses either once a calendar year or biannually based on occupancy type. Business owners should not let anyone inspect or service their fire extinguishers, sprinkler system, hood system, or any other fire protection device unless they have an agreement with a specific fire protection service.
Keep these DO’s and DON’Ts in mind when someone approaches you or your employees in your business:


1. Find out who they are and why they are there.
2. Ask to see identification and the appropriate state licensing credentials for fire protection services.
3. Refuse fire protection services if proper identification cannot be provided.
4. Retain all parts that were replaced.
5. Request and retain an invoice. Invoicing and record keeping are important for your business and legal avenues.
6. If you have questions to their legitimacy, contact the Fire Department at (714) 741-5600.

2. Do not pay on site. The Fire Department will NEVER request payment for an inspection.
3. Never pay in cash if you are going to pay for services.
4. Don’t let them conduct the inspection or work without you being present.
5. Don’t let them perform an inspection or perform work without you approving it first. Don’t let them start without receiving a detailed estimate. The Fire Department will never send or refer a company to your business to perform an inspection or work.


Our firefighters and inspectors carry a Garden Grove Fire Department identification card in addition to being in an official fire department uniform with department badge to identify themselves. The official uniform is a dark blue shirt and pants with Garden Grove Fire Department badges and shoulder patches on the left sleeve. They will drive a city vehicle with the City’s seal on it, or in a fire engine with the Fire Department seal on it. The Department does not use private companies to inspect your business, and personnel always leave a copy of the annual inspection form. Personnel will only provide fire life safety inspections, and will not charge or invoice you.


Remember, you can always refuse service and request a Garden Grove Fire Department inspector to visit your business. We will gladly advise you of any needed service. Call (714) 741-5629 for assistance or questions. If you feel threatened, call 9-1-1.

Nate Brady
Fire Marshal