xlarge_Carlson medical aid_0.JPGThe Fire Department is the primary emergency medical care provider for the City of Garden Grove. Approximately 75% of the department's call volume is made up of medical aid requests. Emergency medical service (EMS) is delivered from seven fire stations strategically located throughout the city. All fire fighters are either certified as emergency medical technicians (EMT) or licensed paramedics. The EMTs are trained to assess a multitude of medical and traumatic conditions, and provide timely basic life support, which includes early defibrillation. The majority of the fire fighters on the department are licensed paramedics who are trained to assess and provide advanced life support which include IV and drug therapy, advanced airway management, and cardiac monitoring. large_Wilkins medical aid_0.JPG

Because of the specialized EMS training, Garden Grove fire fighters are dual-function which means they can respond to a fire or a medical aid at any given time. The fire fighters respond to emergencies in one of several delivery methods. The Fire Department has two paramedic engine companies. Each of these engines is staffed with a fire captain, engineer, and two fire fighter/paramedics. The third paramedic unit in the City is a squad that staffs two fire fighter/paramedics. In addition to the paramedic units, three of the seven engine companies are paramedic assessment units (PAU). This model is used to deliver a paramedic with advanced assessment and treatment capabilities to initiate life-saving care. These engines staff a fire captain, engineer, and one fire fighter/paramedic. The Fire Department has a private ambulance that is contracted to provide ambulance transport.