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The Garden Grove Fire Department provides fire and rescue services through both three and four person engine companies, a three person truck company, a two person paramedic squad, and one battalion chief. The resources are located out of seven fire stations located throughout the City. The national standard NFPA 1710 and the Orange County Fire Chiefs Association recommend that a total minimum of 15 firefighters arrive at a fire (travel or response time) in no more than 8 minutes, 90% (fractal measurement) of the time. This standard is based on the number of firefighters required to perform the basic fire ground activities for a normal 1,200 square foot residential house. This size fire problem is consistent with the majority of homes in the City, and the common-type of structure fires that the department responds to.

The need for an effective fire force is due to the complexity of the fire ground and its dynamic fast-moving environment. Structure fires require command, control, and multiple tactical operations to be conducted simultaneously. In addition, the safety of the occupants, civilians, and firefighters must be a top priority, and are mandated by both OSHA and federal laws. The following is a list of the essential fire groundwork assignments that must be staffed on any structure fire.

Effective Fire Force Deployment 1,200 Square Foot Residential Home

Command & Safety Officer: 1 Chief Officer
• 1 Battalion Chief

Fire Attack Team: 3-4 Firefighters
• 1 Supervisor (Captain)
• 1 Pump Operator (Engineer)
• 1-2 Hose and Nozzle Operators (Firefighters)

Back-up Fire Attack Team & Search and Rescue Team: 3-4 Firefighters
• 1 Supervisor (Captain)
• 1 Pump Operator (Engineer)
• 1-2 Hose and Nozzle Operators (Firefighters)

large_Fire engine pumping water at structure fire.jpgVentilation Team: 4 Firefighters
• 1 Supervisor (Captain)
• 1 Aerial Ladder Operator (Engineer)
• 1 Saw Operator (Firefighter)
• 1 Back-Up (Firefighter)

Initial Rapid Intervention Team (IRIC) OSHA 2-in 2-out Requirement: 2 Firefighters
• 2 equally trained and equipped firefighters ready to rescue a lost or trapped firefighter.

Exposures Protection: 2 Firefighters
• 2 Firefighters deploying fire attack hose lines to protect adjoining structures from fire spread.

Total: 15-17 Firefighters or 5 to 6 pieces of fire equipment