Friday, June 30, 2017
Don't drink and drive this July 4th
Don't drink and drive this July 4th

Fourth of July Reminder: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

During the July 4th holiday, the Garden Grove Police Department, Sheriff Deputies, and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will be on high-alert, looking to stop impaired drivers. Officers from the Garden Grove Police Department’s DUI Enforcement Team will deploy this weekend to stop and arrest alcohol and drug-impaired drivers.

DUI Saturation Patrols will take place on Tuesday, July 4, between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., in areas with high frequencies of DUI collisions and/or arrests.

Officers will be looking for signs of alcohol and/or drug impairment. When possible, specially trained officers will be available to evaluate those suspected of drug-impaired driving, which now accounts for a growing number of impaired driving crashes.

High-visibility enforcement, using both DUI checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols, has proven to lower the number of persons killed and injured in alcohol or drug impaired crashes. Research shows that crashes involving an impaired driver can be reduced by up to 20% when well-publicized, proactive DUI operations are conducted routinely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that young drivers, 18 to 34 years old, are especially at risk of driving drunk with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. In 2015, 49% of the drivers 18 to 34 years old were killed over the July 4th period.

In recent years, California has seen an increase in drug-impaired driving crashes. The Garden Grove Police Department supports the new effort from the Office of Traffic Safety that aims to educate all drivers that “DUI Doesn’t Just Mean Booze.” If you take prescription drugs, particularly those with a driving or operating machinery warning on the label, you might be impaired enough to get a DUI. Marijuana use can also be impairing, especially in combination with alcohol or other drugs, and can result in a DUI.

Plan a sober ride home this 4th of July weekend. Drivers are encouraged to download the Designated Driver VIP (DDVIP) free mobile app for Android or iPhone. The DDVIP app helps find nearby bars and restaurants that feature free incentives for the designated sober driver, from free non-alcoholic drinks to free appetizers and more.

For more information about the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign, visit the Traffic Safety Marketing website.