The Reprographics and Mailroom manages the City’s internal and external mail and printing needs. Reprographics prints most of the documents and artwork produced by the Word Processing and Graphics Division on either a two-color press or high speed copiers. Reprographics also performs over 100 high volume duplication and printing jobs for other departments each month.

From July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014, Reprographics produced:

  • 678,400 offset prints
  • 269,527 color photo-copies
  • 720,239 black and white photo-copies

The following is a list of major duties during this time period:

  • Sort and deliver incoming mail
  • Weigh and stamp outgoing mail (146,824 pieces, $94,642 postage)
  • Deliver outgoing mail
  • Various folding and envelope stuffing jobs
  • Various print jobs on 2-color press
  • Various print jobs on both black and white and color copiers
  • Binding, hole punching and production of tabs for large documents
  • Maintenance of City copier fleet
  • Bulk scanning for Finance Department and Public Works Department
  • Print, fold, and stuff business license renewals, notices, and tax documents
  • Produce bound copies of the City Budget

Photo Of Reprographics Staff
Mail Pieces and Cost Chart
Jobs by Department Chart