1) Two for one special on traditional archery lesson $25
2) One free lesson with purchase of any bow

Email: Orlando@goodshotarchery.com

Good Shot is a small Archery establishment that will provide sales, maintenance and instruction in the sport of archery. Good Shots primary objective is to safely promote the sport of archery for students and residents of Garden Grove. It is our hope to see the sport flourish within our local community and school system with the hopes of someday seeing local students achieve Olympic glory.

Good shot will provide the sales and instruction of archery equipment used in the sport and target competition sanctioned by both of the largest nationally recognized archery associations USA Archery and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA).

The functions, services and operational hours of Good Shot Archery are as follows:
1. Sales: Good shot is a retail store that will carry an assortment of archery equipment to include but not limited to Traditional long bows, traditional take-down bows, compound bows, arrows and arrow accessories, quivers, cases, and practice targets.
2. Service: Good Shot will provide archery technical services for both traditional and compound bows. Services will include but are not limited to string and cable service and replacement. Installing sights and arrow rests. Good Shot will also provide tuning service to increase optimum accuracy for bows and arrows. There will also be services for assembling arrows, installing tips, nocs and fletching veins
3. Instruction: Good Shot Archery will provide safe instruction in the use of compound and traditional archery equipment for both children and adults. Good Shot has certified instructors that will provide guidance and instruction on how to safely use archery equipment for both competitive archers and those that are in the sport for their leisure.
4. Coaching: Good Shot Archery has accredited certified instructors form both USA Archery and PSE to provide coaching and guidance for the sport. Coaches will provide expertise beyond basic instruction for the archer prepared to take their skills to the next level of competition. Coaches will evaluate and critique form, technique and provide constructive feedback using traditional styles as well as recorded data to refine and optimize each archers full potential.
5. Practice Range: Good Shot Archery will provide archers a place to practice their form and technique while also providing safe instruction to new archers and coaching of competitive athletes. There will not be any type of archery league, tournament, parties or events held at Good Shot Archery.

10682 Stanford Avenue
Garden Grove, CA