Date: 6-21-17
DR #: 16035972

Narrative: Victim went to the Bank of America at Bolsa / Magnolia to change a large amount of cash to $100 bills. The suspect vehicle followed the victim from the bank to the Shell gas station in the same parking lot. The suspects watched the victim pump gas before following him to the lot at 9541 Bolsa. As the victim went into a restaurant for a to-go order, the suspect vehicle pulled behind the victim’s car. Suspect 3 smashed the victim’s vehicle window and entered the vehicle. The victim walked back to his car and interrupted Suspect 3. Suspect 3 chased the victim back into the restaurant while grabbing at his waistband as though he had a weapon. Suspect 2 and Suspect 3 continued to burgle the vehicle before fleeing westbound Bolsa in the vehicle.

Contact: Any information should be forwarded to Investigator Camara at (714) 741-5824. Any Tips can be made anonymously.