For crimes in progress or life threatening situations, immediately call: 911

When you call the police regarding a situation requiring police response, the police dispatcher will ask several questions similar to those listed below.

These questions are to ensure that the police will be able to respond to your call in the most efficient manner possible. Remain calm and answer the operator’s questions to the best of your ability.

To report suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances, or to advise us of a crime that occurred while you were away, call the Garden Grove Police Department’s 24-hour business number:
(714) 741-5704


Why are you calling?

Is the crime in progress, or did it occur earlier?

Traffic Accident:
Are there any injuries?

What is the nature of the disturbance (family fight, street fight, etc.)?
Are there weapons involved?

Suspicious Activity:
What is the nature of the suspicious activity and where is it occurring?

What is the location of the problem?
If possible, provide the exact address. If the exact address is unknown, give the cross streets.

What is your name and what telephone number are you calling from?

Are there suspects and what are their descriptions?

Provide details using the examples below:

Physical Description Clothing Description
Sex Age Race Shirt Pants
Height Weight   Dress Skirt
Hair Eyes Glasses Jacket Shoes
Complexion Beard Moustache Hat  

How many suspects are there? What was their direction of travel?

Was a weapon used?

Was there a vehicle involved? What is the license number, description, and direction of travel?

REMEMBER.......while you are talking to the police dispatcher on the 911 line, a police unit is being dispatched to the incident scene. Remain on the phone until the police officers arrive or the dispatcher advises you to hang up.

Call the Garden Grove Police Department Community Liaison Division at
741-5761 or 741-5762.

Contact Crime Prevention at for more information.