Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chiefs Coin 1.jpgChiefsCoin2.jpgSince 2011, the Garden Grove Police Department has been awarding Good Samaritans in the community with a special “Chief’s Coin for Merit.” On Wednesday, February 4, Retired Police Chief Kevin Raney and newly-appointed Police Chief Todd Elgin will host a recognition dinner honoring all 106 coin recipients for 2014. The dinner will take place at 6:00 p.m., in the Garden Grove Community Meeting Center, located at 11300 Stanford Avenue.

“This is the Garden Grove Police Department’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to our community heroes who put their own safety and concerns aside to help make our community a safer and better place to live. It’s a program Chief Raney began in 2011, and a tradition that I intend to continue,” says Chief Elgin.

Each year, the 200-plus members of the Garden Grove Police Department are issued one coin, with instructions to award the coin to an individual demonstrating an exceptional act of kindness or heroism.

To date, the Department has issued over 400 coins for a range of unselfish and courageous acts that include chasing after armed robbers, aiding accident victims, and assisting officers in undercover operations.

Honorees for 2014 will include four recipients who helped identify a suspect of a brutal stabbing victim; a passer-by who located $1200 cash in a wallet and returned it; and a citizen who jumped out of her car to stop an 18-month-old child, who had wandered away from her sleeping mother, from walking into traffic on a busy intersection.

“It’s a unique honor that, we, as a department, have the ability to recognize our community members for what they do to assist us in our daily work. Each of them should be very proud—I know I am,” says Chief Elgin.

For more information, please contact Lt. Bob Bogue at (714) 741-5786.