To address the problem associated with unlawful gang activity in the city, the Garden Grove Police Department formed the Gang Suppression Unit in 1991. GSU is made up of nine officers and a supervisor. GSU works flexible hours, providing City-wide coverage seven days a week. Specific crimes such as homicide, assault, home invasion robbery, extortion, counterfeiting, and weapons violations are the primary focus of the unit. The mission of the unit is to reduce gang violence within the City of Garden Grove.

GSU also works with the Crime Prevention Unit to educate the public about gangs in the local neighborhoods. GSU officers also make presentations to schools and community groups to help educate parents and teachers on how to recognize kids at risk of becoming involved in unlawful gang activities. Although GSU's education programs are important and effective, the primary role is high visibility, street level enforcement.

The Gang Suppression Unit works closely with surrounding agencies due to the transitory nature of most gangs. GSU has also developed an excellent reputation with agencies throughout the United States and Canada as a source for expertise and intelligence which has proven beneficial in the identification, arrest, and prosecution of known gang criminals.

To speak with a member of the Garden Grove Gang Suppression Unit, call (714)741-5588; FAX (714) 537-8145.

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