What is Livescan? How does it work?

Livescan refers to the use of a computer-based device which reads the fingerprint patterns of a subject directly from the subject's fingers. Therefore, the prints are collected into an electronic medium from a "live" person's fingers rather than being read from an inked hard card.

Photo of a Livescan Fingerprinting MachineThe device typically uses a specially coated glass platform or platen upon which the subject's fingers are rolled or pressed. The image is captured from underneath the platen by a Charged Couple Device-Circuit Board Camera (CCD) and converted into a computerized file. That file, along with the demographic information about the subject, can then be transmitted electronically to a central database for print comparison.

How much does it cost for Livescan fingerprints?

The Garden Grove Police Department Applicant Livescan rolling fee is $25. Please check with the agency requiring you to be fingerprinted regarding additional DOJ and FBI fees. All fees will be due and payable when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. Cash. check, money order, or credit card are accepted for payment. The owner of the credit care must be present at the time the credit card is presented.

When can I have my Livescan fingerprints taken?

Garden Grove Police Department Applicant Livescan fingerprinting services is by appointment only. You may contact the Applicant Livescan Information and Appointment Line at (714) 741-5953 for scheduling, during regular/normal business hours, Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Livescan appointments are done hourly, Monday through Friday, beginning at 9:00 a.m. The last appointment will be scheduled at 5:00 p.m. No walk-ins will be accepted. Fingerprinting services will not be available on weekends. Applicants arriving 15 or more late will be rescheduled.

What do I need to bring with me?

It is important that you bring the authorized "Request for Livescan Service – Applicant Submission" form. Please make sure the form is completed prior to your arrival. An incomplete form may result in your appointment being re-scheduled.

Acceptable forms of identification include the following:

California driver's license
California DMV identification card
Valid out-of-state driver's license
Military ID
Resident Alien Card/Immigration/Green Card

How do I get to the Garden Grove Police Department?

The Garden Grove Police Department is located at 11301 Acacia Parkway, Garden Grove. We are 2 miles south of Disneyland, 7 miles southeast of Knott's Berry Farm, and 25 miles south of Los Angeles.

From San Diego, take Interstate 5 north; go west on the Garden Grove Freeway (State Hwy 22).

From Los Angeles, take Interstate 405 south, go east on the Garden Grove Freeway.

From Riverside/San Bernardino, take Interstate 10 west, go south on Hwy 57, go west on the Garden Grove Freeway.

From the Garden Grove Freeway, exit Euclid Street; go north to Acacia Parkway (3/4 mile); go right on Acacia Parkway and the police station is to your left.


  • No children please. Due to space limitations at the Livescan area, we ask that you make arrangements for child care prior to being fingerprinted.
  • Fingernails – Extremely long or curved fingernails may prevent the fingers from properly contacting the printing platen and may need trimming.
  • Bandaged or Injured Fingers – Applicants may need to reschedule their appointment until the injured or bandaged finger can be printed.
  • All Livescan prints are taken electronically and transmitted directly to the Department of Justice. Garden Grove PD does not have the ability to print copies of the submission; therefore, no hard copy can be supplied.
  • For additional Livescan locations, visit the California Attorney General's Applicant Live Scan page.

The Garden Grove Police Department hopes this information has been useful and will assist you in preparing for your Livescan appointment. If you would like to schedule an appointment or receive additional information, please call the Live Scan Information and Appointment Line at (714) 741-5953.