In the past, Garden Grove Police Officers were dispatched to all calls for service. Over the years, the number of calls handled by officers has dramatically increased. The increasing number of calls, combined with the time consuming process of report writing, greatly reduced the available time for officers to be proactive in dealing with crime and related community issues. Instead, officers found themselves working in a reactive mode that was often frustrating to officers and the community alike.

In the early 1980's, the Garden Grove Police Department was one of three cities in the United States to participate in an experiment know as Differential Police Response. The experiment involved the taking of certain crime reports over the telephone by personnel who became known as Expediters.

In time, the Differential Police Response program evolved into the Civilian Report Writing Unit. Community Service Officers and Cadets primarily staff this unit. The primary purpose of the unit is to take reports regarding incidents that do not necessarily require the presence of a police officer. Time that officers previously spent responding to non-emergency crimes can be directed toward proactive problem solving.

The Civilian Report Writing Unit consists of Field Report Writers, Expediters, and Police Front Desk personnel. The Field Report Writers are Community Service Officers who work in the field and mostly respond to take misdemeanor crime reports, but they can also handle certain felony reports. They are also utilized for crime scene investigation such as checking for latent fingerprints, photographs and collection of DNA. They assist with traffic control, DUI Checkpoints, they issue parking citations and conduct other field services as needed.

The Expediters are Police Cadets who take reports by telephone. The reports taken are generally misdemeanor offenses and supplemental reports, however some stolen vehicle, burglary and grand theft reports are also taken.