The Resort Services Team, was a major component of the Department’s Strategic Plan, and was formed in March 2001. Its primary mission is to help maintain a safe and secure environment for the enjoyment of all the guests, merchants and employees in the Resort area known as the “Grove District”.

Garden Grove’s Redevelopment Agency has invested millions of dollars in numerous hotels and restaurants along the Harbor Corridor. In 2011, visitor spending in Orange County totaled $7.75 billion. Over 16.3 million visitors came to the Anaheim/Garden Grove resort area in 2011, accounting for a large portion of this spending. With over 2,800 rooms, the “International West” has become a large part of the Disneyland Resort District and Anaheim Convention Center. Garden Grove resort hotels cater to families and business travelers alike, with the Resort Services Team helping to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

Photo of Garden Grove Resort Services Team