The Special Investigations Unit deals with community problems involving narcotics, organized crime, vice, gambling and alcoholic beverage control violations.

Narcotics related crimes consume the majority of the unit's time. We average approximately 10 calls a day from concerned citizens who wish to inform us of suspicious circumstances at nearby homes. It is our goal to address every complaint we receive. We believe that if it is your problem, it is our problem. We encourage you to call us if you suspect someone of dealing drugs in your neighborhood. No complaint is too small.

Vice related crimes, such as prostitution, are also a concern with our citizens. We work daily to remove street walkers from our community, and for those of you that were around in the late 1980's, you can definitely see the difference along Harbor Blvd. and Garden Grove Blvd. There are seldom any prostitutes working the streets of our community.

The sale of alcohol to minors is another major concern and we address these problems immediately. If you are aware of a business supplying minors with alcohol, it is imperative that you notify us immediately. You are our eyes, and if your intuition tells you something is amiss, it probably is.

All your complaints can remain anonymous. We only ask that you notify us of a problem so we can help remove the problem from our community. If we are not in, simply leave a message and we will call you as soon as we receive the message. If you do not wish to leave your name, leave us a detailed message including the location the activity is occurring and the specifics on who is involved. We also encourage you to have your neighbors call if they witness the same activity. The more calls we receive, the easier it is to take action or to convince the court that a problem does exist in the event a search warrant is needed to attack the problem.

To report a vice or narcotic related problem, call us at 741-5850