Every year the Garden Grove Police Department receives several complaints about traffic problems around our city schools. These complaints include speeding, stopping in red zones, not signaling, passing school buses with flashing red lights, illegal u-turns, not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks and more. Our motor officers actively enforce traffic laws in and about school zones in the morning and afternoons to make our school zones safe.

In addition to driver's receiving citations, you will also see our officer's enforcing traffic laws that pertain to bicyclists and pedestrians. Some of the most common citations students receive are riding without a properly worn helmet, riding the wrong way on a sidewalk or roadway, walking against the "Don't walk" signs, jaywalking, and pedestrians in roadways. Please take the time to educate your children on the bike safety laws and rules of the road before they injured or killed in a crash. Some of those rules are as follows:
  1. Wear your helmet, and wear it properly. The helmet will not help you in a crash if it is not buckled or worn too far back on your head, or the wrong size or is hanging off of the handlebars. 80% of bike related deaths involve head injuries. Helmets reduce the risk of head or brain injuries by 88%.
  2. Follow all the same rules of the road as vehicles and obey all traffic signs and signals. Failure to do so results in about 10% of the injuries and 8% of the fatalities in vehicle vs. bike crashes.
  3. Do not dart out into traffic from between cars. When a car strikes them, most parents are shocked to find out their children are put at fault for the collision, which literally adds insult to injury. Most of these collisions occur on quiet residential roadways where most children think they are safe to disobey traffic laws. They need to be reminded to ride safe every time on every trip.
  4. Always go with the flow of traffic. A car at a corner often hits cyclists riding against the traffic flow where the car is making a right turn. This and other wrong-way driving are associated with 21% of injuries and 8% of fatalities in bike/car crashes.
Helmet Safety Instructions

A bicycle is not a toy, it is your child’s first vehicle, and they need to treat it as such.

For more information on bicycle safety please visit www.kidshealth.org or www.nhtsa.gov.

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