I have a lot of vehicles speeding down my residential street, what can be done?
Any traffic complaints can be left at 714-741-5777. In the event of chronic speeding vehicles, the Traffic Unit can utilize the radar trailer to remind people to slow down, and to project their speed as they drive down the street. In addition to the trailer, as time permits, the motor officers can conduct speed enforcement on your street. Please have the busiest times of the day included with your name, phone number and address when you leave the message.

How do I contest a traffic citation?
A person who receives a traffic citation may contest it by going to court and posting bail. After the person has posted bail, the traffic clerk will assign a court date and time. You will be required to appear in person before a Judge/Commissioner and there you will be able to explain your reason for the actions for which you were stopped. If the judge rules in your favor, the bail posted will be refunded. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Orange County Superior Court Traffic Division (West Justice Center) 657-622-5900.

Orange County Superior Court Traffic Division

Do I have to have a Class M1 license and insurance to ride a Motor Driven Cycle (Pocket Bike)?
In order to legally operate a motor-driven cycle on a public roadway you must have a Class M1 endorsement on your valid California Driver’s License. You must wear a Department of Transportation approved helmet. You are exempt from proof of financial responsibility laws (insurance) and may not be covered in the event of a collision.

I just went to traffic school, and just got another ticket. Can I go again?
You can contact the court, but the general rule is you can go to traffic school every 18 months to remove moving violations from your driving record.

I just got a ticket for Gridlock, what is that?
When you entered the intersection, the traffic signal was probably green, due to heavy traffic in the area your vehicle was stopped blocking the intersection as your traffic signal phased to red. This is called “Gridlock”, or blocking an intersection. You need to make sure that before you enter the intersection, there is sufficient clearance on the other side of the intersection for your vehicle 22526(a) CVC.

How can I find out if my vehicle has been towed?
You can get information on a private persons or police impound by calling Police Records at 714-741-5719.

There appears to be an abandoned vehicle parked on my street, what can be done?
The vehicle will be checked to see if it is a reported stolen vehicle, and if not, it can be marked for 72-hours. If the vehicle is still there after the 72-hour time frame it can be towed.

There are a lot of cars for sale in my area, can anything be done about this?
We are not able to issue citations merely for being a car for sale. We can check the registration status for expiration, see if they are legally parked, or mark them for 72-hours.

There is a motor home or semi truck parked on my street, is this legal?
Yes, and no. Please refer to our municipal codes:

SECTION General Limitations On Uses

In addition to any special regulations imposed by this chapter, the following limitations on uses shall be observed:

Residential Zoned Property.

Auto repair, incidental to residential usage, shall only be conducted within an enclosed garage, and only upon vehicles owned by the property owner or resident.

All accessory functions and operations shall not be objectionable by reason of noise, odor, dust, mud, smoke, steam, vibration or other similar causes.

Occupancy of any trailer, camper, or other vehicle while stored on any property zoned (or used) for residential purposes is prohibited.

No commercial, industrial, public or semi-public use shall be operated or conducted, in any residential zone, except pursuant to an approved home occupation permit

Further traffic questions or concerns contact:
Sgt. Whitney at 714-741-5898

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