Unsolved Crime - Billy Wayne Martin

Fireworks have always been popular in the City of Garden Grove. Every year, several fireworks stands are set up throughout the city the week before the Fourth of July holiday. One such stand was set up at the corner of Brookhurst and Chapman in July of 1995. The owner of this stand was concerned with recent burglaries of fireworks at other stands and he decided to hire a security guard, Billy Wayne Martin.

Martin established himself at the stand and made contact with Garden Grove Police Officer Ed DesBiens. Martin notified Officer DesBiens that he would be there all night, and he requested DesBiens check on him periodically throughout the night. Officer DesBiens agreed and left Martin at the stand.

At 0200 hours, Officer DesBiens checked on Martin, who was sitting in a chair behind the stand. Everything was all right. Officer DesBiens returned to check on Martin at 0510 hours, but did not see Martin sitting in his chair behind the stand as he had before. Officer DesBiens walked to the side of the fireworks stand, and it was there that he found Martin lying in a pool of blood. Security Guard Martin was pronounced dead at the scene, a victim of homicide. Billy Wayne Martin was 36 years old at the time of his death. He was married and had one disabled daughter.

It is believed that more than one individual was involved in this homicide. These individuals may have spoken to others about their involvement.

Individuals with information concerning this case should immediately contact the Garden Grove Police Department (714) 741-5704 or the nearest law enforcement agency.

Case: 95-11856