Thursday, June 13, 2013

large_mallard-bread.jpgThe City of Garden Grove Park Patrol wants to remind visitors of Civic Center Park to refrain from feeding the ducks inhabiting the pond and the area surrounding the library and Community Meeting Center.

Feeding stale bread to the ducks at the park poses potential dangers for the animals and pollution issues for the community.

Bread has no nutritional value for these animals and an overabundance of it leads to many health problems, including excessive weight gain. The excess weight makes it more difficult to fly, which hinders the ducks escape from predators. Having a readily available source of food reduces the need for the ducks to migrate, which results in overcrowded grounds.

In addition, the leftover food poses a pest problem, as rats, mice, and insects flock to the park to consume the uneaten bread.

Garden Grove residents caught littering the park with bread can be cited by a park patrol officer.

For further information about this issue, contact Park Patrol at (714) 741-5277.