Monday, July 21, 2014
Tree Removal.jpg.jpg

The end seems near for an 80-year old California Pepper Tree stricken with Cankers, a wood-decaying disease that has already killed off more than 50% of its interior. Deemed a public safety hazard by the City because of its fragile condition, the tree, located at the corner of Stanford Avenue and Elizabeth Lane, is scheduled for removal by the end of this month. But, the story doesn’t end there.

In honor of the tree’s longevity and its contribution to adding to the community’s “garden groves,” the City has arranged for any useable wood from the dead tree to be delivered to a local artisan. The artisan will use the wood to create hand-made walking canes for veterans, a wooden crucifix for a local church, and other wood-crafted pieces.

“Nature is truly a gift, and we’re happy to know that this tree will continue giving something special to our community for many more generations to come,” says Garden Grove Public Works Director William Murray.

The California Pepper Tree actually originates from Peru, and is recognizable by its fragrant lacy leaves, drooping branches, and knotted trunk.