Residents can aid in preventing pollution by following tips in these brochures: 

The Ocean Begins at Your Front Door 

Pet Care 

Home Improvement 

Sewer Spill Prevention 

Reduce Urban Runoff and Prevent Sewer Blockages 

Proper Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste 

Homeowners Guide to Sustainable Water Use

Visit OC Watersheds Kids Corner for interactive games about water pollution.

Important Websites:

Republic Services
Used Oil Collection Center
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center

Did you know that by conserving water used outdoors you can helo prevent ocean pollution? By reducing sprinkler overwatering, washing your car on the lawn and cleaning pavement with a broom instead of a hose, you are not contributing to urban runoff. Any excess water that can run off into the curb and gutter, picks up and carries pollutants to the storm drain system. By preventing outdoor water waste, you are protecting the ocean! Click here for more information on water conservation tips.

If you witness illegal dumping of a hazardous material in a storm drain, dial 9-1-1.

To report a discharge of non-storm water to the storm drain system, after calling 9-1-1, you may call the City of Garden Grove Environmental Compliance Division during office hours at (714) 741-5956 or after office hours at (714) 741-5375. 

To report a sewer spill, please contact the Water Division during office hours at (714) 741-5395 or after office hours at (714) 741-5704.

To report a clogged storm drain please contact the Flood Control Division at (714) 741-5375.

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