Black Container - Trash
Yes No
Animal & Food Waste
Bathroom Waste
Carpet & Flooring
Car Parts
Cat Litter
Cigarette Butts
Disposable Diapers
Old Clothes & Shoes
Pool Covers
Rags & Sponges
Construction Debris
Dirt & Rocks
Large Appliances
Yard Waste
Hazardous Waste
Green Container - Recyclables
Yes No
Aerosol Cans
Aluminum & Tin Cans
Aluminum Foil
Cereal Boxes (without lining)
Computer & Ledger Paper
Drink Boxes
Egg Cartons
Foam Cups & Plates (clean)
Glass Bottles & Jars (lids off)
Juice Cartons
Junk Mail & Brochures
Laundry Bottles
Plastic Bottles & Containers
Plastic Bags
Plastic Milk Jugs
Phone Books
Wrapping Paper
Waxed & Carbon Paper
Food & Liquid Waste
Trash & Yard Waste
Hazardous Waste
Recycling Tips  
Brown Container - Yard Waste
Yes No
Grass & Leaves (not bagged)
Prunings & Weeds
Twigs & Small Branches (4 inches or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in length)
Vegetation (from the yard)
Animal & Food Waste
Construction Debris
Dirt & Rocks
Palm Fronds
Plastic Bags
Rugs, Flooring, & Metal
Recyclables & Trash
Hazardous Waste
Important Yard Waste Tips:
  • Yard waste is defined as only what grows in the yard and garden ("green" waste).
  • Cut up trimmings to increase the amount of yard waste that fits in the container.
  • Do NOT use plastic trash bags for yard waste. Place a sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the container to keep loose grass from sticking.