1) How can I request a permit?

a. Visit www.garden-grove/rvpermit/

b. Visit the Water Counter at City Hall, 11222 Acacia Parkway

2) What is needed to request a permit in person?

a. Valid ID

b. Proof of residency (i.e. water bill, utility bill)

i. Name and address on proof of residency must match the resident’s ID

c. Email address

3) Is there a cost for requesting a permit?

a. No. Permits are free.

4) How many permits can I request per year?

a. 12 non-consecutive loading and unloading permits (One (1) request allows for 72 hours before and 72 hours after travel)

b. Six (6) non-consecutive weekly permits

5) Can I request a permit for the same day that I need it?

a. Yes.

6) What if I only need to park my recreational vehicle on the street for a few hours?

a. Any time a recreational vehicle is parked on the street, it will require a permit. Vehicles without permits, regardless of how long the vehicle will be on the street, are subject to being cited.

7) Can I request loading and unloading permits at the same time?

a. Yes. The automated online permitting system allows for residents to request both loading and unloading permits simultaneously. If you do not have a set return date, the unloading permit can be requested at a later date by editing the previous request.

8) Will my permit exempt me from street sweeping?

a. No. All vehicles will still need to be moved on street sweeping days. Vehicles that are not moved will be cited.

9) How much is the citation for parking a recreational vehicle on the street without a permit?

a. 1st violation: $108

b. 2nd violation within one year: $208

c. 3rd and each subsequent violation within one year: $508

10) Do I need to display a physical permit or paper in my windshield once I've requested a permit?

a. No. Permits will be recorded in the automated system and can be verified via the vehicle license plate number.

11) Can I park more than one recreational vehicle in front of my property at once?

a. No. The recreational vehicle permit only allows for one recreational vehicle to be parked in front of a given residence at any given time.

12) When will the City begin enforcing this new ordinance?

a. November 1, 2017

13) Define recreational vehicle.

a. A recreational vehicle is defined as a vehicle utilized for shelter of persons or goods for the purposes of leisure-time activities, including a motor home, travel trailer, truck camper, camping trailer, boat, or off-road vehicle.

14) Is there a way for me to view active permits in my area?

a. Yes. Visit www.garden-grove.org/rvpermit/permits to view a list of all active permits.

15) Where/How can I report a non-permitted RV?

a. To report non-permitted RVs to the City, residents may call the Garden Grove Police Department's non-emergency number at (714) 741-5704. We ask that residents please check the active permit list prior to contacting the Garden Grove Police Department.