large_Hecker, William.jpg

Date: 9-10-15
DR #: 15-11245

Narrative: SUSPECT: HECKER, William Adam

Over the span of approximately four months, the above suspect is believed to have shot out over 30 windows of businesses in the industrial areas of West Garden Grove. HECKER used a slingshot with BBs and other unknown projectiles to shatter windows.


large_15086299 Suspect.png

Date: 12-3-15
DR #: 15086299

Narrative: On the above date, the suspect in the above photo used fraudulent identifying information in order to pass $6,100 in fraudulent checks.

Contact: Any information should be forwarded to Investigator Lukas at (714) 741-5256.


large_Kolano CAU_5.png

Date: 12-3-15
DR #: 15-5199

Narrative: The above suspect is responsible for fraudulent purchases made at the Garden Grove Target and Santa Ana Home Depot for a total of $1,918.75.

Contact: If you can identify the suspect in the above photo, contact Detective Kolano at (714) 741-5843.


large_Kolano CAU_2.png

Date: 12-3-15
DR #: 15071194

Narrative: On 09/07/2015 an unknown suspect entered an open garage and removed a purse containing access cards from an unlocked vehicle. These stolen access cards were later used to purchase cigarettes at a Walgreens, to withdraw $500 from an ATM machine at Bank of America, and to make other purchases. If anyone recognizes this suspect please contact Detective Kolano.


large_Doan captured.png

Date: 12-3-15
DR #: 14-16173


DOAN made 11 separate fraudulent purchases with a fraudulent Capital One Credit card at a local business. The total loss from these 11 transactions was $19,079. DOAN was positively identified as the suspect in these transactions. DOAN is outstanding and his whereabouts are unknown.

Vehicle Burglary

Date: 7-21-14
DR #: 14-9157

Narrative: On the above date and time, the listed suspect and an additional unknown suspect broke into a locked vehicle by unknown means. The suspects were observed via surveillance video entering Beach Creek Apartments located at 12221 Beach Blvd. The suspects were observed walking through various carports and were seen leaving with several items in hand. The suspects stole miscellaneous tools, a gate controller, a pair of soccer shoes, and a paint spray gun from the vehicle.


Date: 8-12-14
DR #: 14-10291

Narrative: : On Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at approximately 1600 hours the suspect entered the Target and used the victims credit card to make a purchase of gift cards and personal items for over $3000. The suspect is not known to the victim and it is believed that the suspect used a fraudulent credit card encoded with the victims account information.

Contact: Any information should be forwarded to Investigator Kovacs at (714) 741-5832

Outstanding Warrants

Date: 10-23-14
DR #: 14-12836

Narrative: : BUI has 3 No Bail warrants and has absconded from her probation.

Contact: Any information on BUI should be forwarded to Investigator Kovacs at (714) 741-5832